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Tea Party Caucus time

Tea Party haters and defenders are filling the message boards about the fact that there is now an official congressional Tea Party Caucus, led by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), and Dana Milbank's column that says this means "Tea Party activists and Republican officeholders set aside any pretense about the two groups being separate."

A significant number of the more than 500 comments filed on the two pieces discuss the question of whether the Tea Party is racist, which its adherents deny. A number of Tea Party defenders note that the nation's financial situation is not great and they are worried about the Obama Administration's solutions to that and other challenges.

As Perry Bacon Jr. writes, "The Tea Party Caucus's creation creates a choice for some Republicans who want to capture the energy of the tea party but not defend its more controversial elements."

First to some comments on the Milbank column.

moonbat23 wrote, "This is the bag of nuts that wants to run this country?
They had the cameras, the spot light was on them, and what did they have to offer?
Nothing. This group gets together for one reason only, to criticize the president and call him names, and to disparage this country. This isn't a respectable group, it's a gang of haters who share hate speech."

But Cdgaman said, "...The Tea Party movement has some great issues. It is immoral for us to put a yoke on our children and grandchildren in order to finance the current government's irresponsible behavior. That's why the "momma Grizzlies" are getting all the attention - these women are working tirelessly to protect our children and grandchidren from Pelosi, Reid, and Obama's insane agenda of bankrupsy for the nation..."

ravensfan20008 asked, "Does anyone truly believe the Tea Party and GOP are not one and the same? The one Dem they endorsed turned them down."

dudh wrote, "Right-wing Republicans all, neck-deep in ideological,racist, and whacko thinking, led by Bachmann, whose closest ties are to the disgraced Tea party Express, this "caucus" represents the kind of people should never be in Congress. They should be targeted in November!"

massmedia77 said, "The GOP is doing it again....just as the Bush Administration made a fool out of the Christian Right (that still doesn't seem to understand that Karl Rove used them as one would use a gardening tool)....The Tea Party will be used to get the necessary votes and then thrown aside like the trash they are. But, hey, you're taking your country back (and handing it right back to the same GOP who got us here in the first place)!!"

finsher771 wrote, "On the one hand, you've got the Obama administration, the most blatantly corrupt, ulterior, mis-prioritizing, reckless administration we've ever seen, and on the other hand, you've got the Tea Party which voiced the concerns of a majority of disillusioned, justifiably concerned Americans. Then you can direct yourself to a partisan, propagandist rag like the WaPo to get your daily dose of shill commentary..."

barrysal warned, "Hey Lefties: Want to see your worst nigtmare come true? Just keep your "racist" eyes on Michelle Bachman and the "Tea Party Caucus". Matter of fact, keep your eyes on the Tea Party, period. The very things that you far-left wingnuts are complaining about are the very things that are going to unite the conservative grass roots people, and that are going to bring victory to real conservatives this fall..."

rbmurals wrote, "If people are concerned about this right-wing nutcase, you might want to send a few bucks to her Democratic opponent, Tarryl Clark."

All comments on the Milbank column are here.

Now to some comments on the news story itself.

markfromark said, "No responsible person has said the Tea Party is racist, but only the benighted or the self-motivated deny there is a component of it that is hiding their bigotry behind talk of small government. Glad to see they're kicking those people out."

KingJoffeJoffer wrote, "The fact that Bachmann is in charge of the caucus is telling. The most incendiary least productive member of Congress is heading the tea party caucus. Their stunt isnt going to work either. The tea party is 95% white. Just because you get a few brown or black people to speak on your behalf doesnt absolve your organization from being racist..."

vigor said, "Charges of Racism are a misdirection ploy for the Tea Partiers; Racism is merely one of their traits, it is not their goal. Their goal is restore Republicanism and the irresponsibility that comes with it. They pine for the Bush years but have completely forgotten: 10% unemployment and 8.5-9 MILLION lost jobs; Tax cuts for the rich; The Republican War for Oil in Iraq; The traitorous outing of a CIA spy as revenge for what her husband wrote; Torture... The Tea Party is so disingenuous and phony it's not funny."

halo666 asked, "Be honest -- does anyone anywhere believe the so-called "tea party" would have formed if a white man had be elected president?"

But klausdmk wrote, "The National Tea Party Federations has wide support of American voters and taxpayers who support Republicans that take a stand against Obama left-wing Democrat's excessive and irresponsible spending of U.S. tax dollars driving the nation into a national debt abyss... Reject socialism and vote Republican."

wbowers wrote, "This is nothing but good news for the Democrats. The Tea Party was always just a portion of the GOP base. They ultimately will force the GOP to be more conservative and will allow the Democrats to win more often. See Sen. Reid for an example. He will win against his Tea Party opponent not because he deserves too, but because she's a nut."

cowboybill117 wrote, "Most problems facing America stem directly from the failure of our elected representatives to follow the Constitution. Much of what tea party activists are demanding -- often without explicitly saying so -- is a return to the principles and procedures in the Constitution... Most Americans respect their Constitution and thus are more likely to vote for a candidate who seriously promises to fulfill its requirements than for all of those who do not."

We'll close with drjcarlucci, who wrote, "Most Tea Party members are Republican. Is that a big conspiracy? Most people who are for fiscal responsibility and smaller government are Republican. Goes without saying."

All comments on the news story are here.

By Doug Feaver  |  July 22, 2010; 8:55 AM ET
 | Tags: Michelle Bachmann, Republicans, Tea Party  
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Why has no one accepted the 100 K offer for "ANY" evidence showing Tea-Party participants using the "N" word towards those Congressmen? Why? Because there are no occasions at all of racist behavior at any of the Tea-Party rallies. Quite the contrary, it is the left radicals that oppose the Tea Party and subsequently the Constitution, who are the real Racists. Planting "White supremacist, self proclaimed racist at Tea-Parties. Why are those on the left afraid of the Tea-Party and the Constitution or for that matter, why are they afraid of the rule of law and the punishment of anything that is pre-faced with the word "ILLEGAL", something like; "Illegal Aliens".
Remember, words have meaning and our founding fathers were very clear in their writings, especially when it came to the rule of law and the Constitution.
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government."

James Madison

Posted by: ydnaryllek | July 22, 2010 11:27 AM | Report abuse

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