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Kagan's charm escapes some, wows others

Our readers have filed more than 1,000 comments about the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and they split right down the ideological divide. She's either highly qualified or a total liberal disaster.

The comments on the main story about the second day of Kagan's testimony overwhelmingly oppose her nomination, often in the rudest ad hominem ways, one of the best examples I can remember that argues for readers commenting under their own, real names. But comments were much more balanced in response to a sidebar that suggested Kagan seemed to genuinely enjoy herself in exchanges with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As Ann Gerhart writes, "Kagan displayed such relish and expertise at the hearing table that she could hire herself out as a stunt witness and work five days a week on Capitol Hill. But she seems a cinch to take her place on the bench as the fourth female justice in the court's history."

First to the comments on the story that said Kagan seemed to enjoy herself.

algasema1 wrote, "Kagan seems like a Harriet Miers with brains... No one knows what Kagan's real views are, which is obviously the point. But even a "centrist" judge (if that is what she turns out to be) who can get confirmed would be better than a liberal one who can't. I am sure that is Obama's way of thinking, and who can argue with it?"

USDefender said, "Who knows what we have in Elena Kagan?
She is glib, entertaining, and charmingly evasive. She is a risk, but hopeully not like Obama exactly! Americans wanted Obama to succeed. Then we found out his agenda is so radical and destructive we can't survive..."

joetarcy wrote, "To be honest, I heard some of her interview on NPR and I was charmed as well. I would prefer someone more liberal to balance out Roberts but she certainly has common sense and restraint and a good grasp of details."

foldingtime said, "I wonder how many people commenting actually watched the proceedings. I watched almost the entire thing... and was most certainly charmed with the woman. She seems to me as close to a moderate as there is on the court. I predict that she will be the most moderate member of the court. This will make many on both sides hate her. She will be the most boring justice, because she will never stand out."

jkhamlin wrote, "Be careful Republicans! She's a liberal, so she's lying! Remember, as recently as Sotamayor; She said she supported the Second Amendment, but then voted against it this week! These people stop at nothing to gain power so they can abuse it, us, and the Constitution."

MikeN3 said, "Charmed her critics??? Pure BS. The hearings are a farce, a huge waste of time! Nothing was accomplished other than once again to demonstrate just how broken our government really is. And the coverage provided by the MSM is even worse! God help us."

CriticalThinker4 wrote, "After watching the tedious spectacle, I am reasonably sure of a few things about Ms. Kagan.
1. She has a superior intellect.
2. She has the intellectual curiosity of someone considerably younger.
3. She has a phenomenal memory. Of course it is said that truthful people don't require a great memory.
4. She is fair minded and will give cases a fair shake.
5. She is definitely not an ideologue and will have a fresh approach that is fact-based.
6. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of case law.
I was quite impressed."

Jimpol said, "Ms Kagan will be the next Supreme Court Justice and we should all be very worried about what rights we are giving up. First of all she is not the brightest candidate, no matter what we are told or sold..."

maddymappo wrote, "I think we all now thoroughly know some constitutional law issues and Elena Kagan's general views... It was also a lesson in the mean spiritedness of certain Republicans and the egos of others... But like Ulysses Gen Kagan deftly manuevered through the crashing rocks and seven headed monsters of the Senate. Now the votes will cast and hopefully she will be confirmed. If not it is clearly political as she is very qualified."

greatgran1 said, "Kagan argued at one time that certain pamphlets could be banned if found too slanted to one particular political view. So is this not stifling with free speech? She had a hard time answering a really simple question which should scare all of us who honor the Constitution?... She seems like a sweet little liberal whose ideas just do not even come close to the majority of this nation. She should not be confirmed."

And we'll take three comments from the main story, a huge majority of which opposed Kagan.

For example daylight1452 wrote, "She came across as evading many of the questions put to her and also as someone who will put her own personal beliefs ahead of the unbiased judgment needed to arrive at a fair decision based on our Constitution. She also indicated that she would have no problem reversing decisions already arrived at by a previous Supreme Court decision."

And Less1leg said, "she is one of the most well prepared progressive liberals wannebee's waiting for her annointment. Her actual abilities are a disgrace to the highest bench. She just hasn't proven her metal when it comes to the highest court in the land. This is affirmative action again by progressive liberals to force feed special interests and social activists into the high court before Obama makes like a DODO bird."

We'll close with dastubbs, who accurately wrote, "Interesting...90 percent of the comments here are from republicans and 90 percent of those are ad hominem attacks on the nominee, the president or both. Seems democrats have already moved on to more important issues."

By Doug Feaver  |  July 1, 2010; 8:59 AM ET
Categories:  Supreme Court  | Tags: Kagan, Senate, Supreme Court  
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Go back and count again, Doug. The pros and cons are hardly 50/50. I read a furious American response at an attempt to plug the Court with an Administration agenda operative. America's angry and concerned response is being snubbed, not only by our president, but by our media. But then, it really is not ... our ... media, is it?

Posted by: OIFVet06 | July 4, 2010 3:00 PM | Report abuse

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