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D.C. unemployment rate reaches 12%

More unemployment figures are out today, and they show an increase in the District, Maryland and Virginia in January, despite a decrease in the U.S. jobless rate that month.

Unemployment in the District increased to 12 percent in January from 11.9 percent the previous month. Maryland’s rate climbed to 7.5 percent from 7.4 percent. And in Virginia it rose to 6.9 percent from 6.8 percent. At the same time, the U.S. rate dropped to 9.7 percent from 10 percent.

The rising jobless rate in D.C., Maryland and Virginia is actually good news, according to some economists, and the declining U.S. rate is bad news.

What? Economists explain it this way: The rising unemployment rate is a sign that long-term jobless people who stopped looking for work have re-entered the labor force and have resumed their search. They are looking for jobs because, possibly, they’ve seen evidence that the area’s economy is improving and that employers are beginning to look for workers. The declining national rate indicates that so-called discouraged workers have remained out of the labor force because they aren’t seeing any reason to look for work.

“Maryland, Virginia and the District are where the labor market is advanced in terms of recovery. Many people are beginning their job search, and as they begin, that rate gets higher,” said Anirban Basu, chairman and chief executive of Sage Policy Group, a Baltimore economic and policy consulting firm.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics bases the rates on a household survey of unemployed people. They are counted in the labor force only if they are actively looking for work.

“Nationally, many people will begin their job search and as they begin the job search that rate is set to rise,” he added.

-- V. Dion Haynes


By Sarah Halzack  |  March 10, 2010; 11:59 AM ET
Categories:  Data  | Tags: local unemployment, regional unemployment, unemployment  
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Sandy Levin, Ways and Means Committee New Chairman

How To Help the Unemployed Now!

Government Stop Taxing Unemployment Benefits!

So does it make any sense in 2010 to keep the tax man's hammer down on the unemployed? Did the government not give the banks a break who created this economic mess in the first place? Did the government's bail out money not provide profit, survival and fat bonuses for the Wall Street crews? Does the government not plan tax breaks for small business who reinvest in plant, equipment and rehires? Did the government not give big auto a Cash for Clunkers program to boost sales along with financial restructure for GM? Is there not a 8,000 dollar tax credit for first time home buyers who are fortunate to have jobs? So why is there no mention of 100% tax free unemployment compensation for the down trodden, displace and forgotten, we the unemployed.
Is it because we the unemployed have no voice? At the Unemployment Gone Mad community we are seeking to change this injustice with a new tax reform bill and one voice. The bill is called the "Jobless STUB Retro 2009 U/B Tax Free Act"? STUB, is like the paycheck stub we no longer have and stands for STOP TAXING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. The new legislative bill needs Sandy Levin, Ways and Means Committee New Chairman to step up and committee members to climb on board. This bill will make all unemployment collected in 2009 totally tax free not just the current law exemption of a ridiculous $2400 (about 6 checks). The Gone Mad opinion is 2009 life lines deserve tax free status during the 2009 new depression blues year. We feel this travesty of paying taxes on unemployment benefits when there are 5.8 million long term unemployed is truly deplorable and an issue worthy of action. Also, remember a record 20 million collected some unemployment in 2009. From the entire Unemployment Gone MAD community thanks.

Posted by: countrycarl | March 10, 2010 1:28 PM | Report abuse

Toil has been diminished and ought to be diminished more. You can have it all if you have higher returns. Labor keeps getting more sacrificed and compromised to the point of extinction. The able, alert and strong will get more. The dull and weak will get less, unless you take into consideration GM and the dull and weak are going to get more. Try improving profit by destroying your own systems. You can only gain freedom by losing freedom, so the silly dream comes true. In reality people still want more and should have it if they paid for it.

Posted by: tossnokia | March 10, 2010 2:27 PM | Report abuse

With government ban on discretionary spending and other cuts left and right, contrators are losing jobs in DC area left and rightSor. Some Spindoctors needs to explain us how more unemployment in DC metro area means more people are getting Jobs and it is all good new.

Posted by: Jim110 | March 10, 2010 3:29 PM | Report abuse

All of these statistics are unrealistic. I was at the Stafford job fair on Monday, 7,000 people showed up. I am unemployed and it's very difficult to find employment. I am skilled and when you go to events, Virginia Employment Offices, it's swamped with people not working.

I have been laid off so long, I am no longer a statistic because I no longer collect unemployment.

Posted by: zjazz | March 10, 2010 4:25 PM | Report abuse

So it's good news when the unemployment rate rises because it signifies that the long term unemployed are looking for work again? Conversely, it's bad news when the unemployment rate dips because fewer people are looking for work?

Leave it to an economist to come up with such gibberish. If you need any reminder of how tainted the profession has become, recall how few economists foresaw the economic downturn or its severity. I see no reason to begin listening to them now.

Posted by: jcrawford1 | March 10, 2010 5:32 PM | Report abuse

Tossing in the lower statewide Virginia and Maryland unemployment figures to sugarcoat the abysmal 12% rate for D.C. and then saying that the region is "advanced" in its recovery is the kind of unfortunate boobery much of then nation has come to expect from the beltway crowd.

Posted by: Jumpy66 | March 11, 2010 10:35 AM | Report abuse

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