'Washingtonian Roots'

by Gregory White

To be born, raised, and have a lifetime worth of sure knowledge and true experience with topics and culture that make up the fiber and fabric of the glorious international and cosmopolitan city that is Washington, D.C.

Having knowledge of the small row house at 1415 Carrollsburg Place S.W., where Grandma Ruth was raised, where my father was born, gives me Washingtonian roots.

Knowing stories about the wooden shack of a house where my mother was born, at the bottom of 33rd Street N.W., below Cady's Alley, extends my roots as a Washingtonian.

Born after a fierce thunderstorm, at the District of Columbia General Hospital, on 3 August 1960, makes me a native born Washingtonian.

Click's Alley N.W., School Street S.W., Easy Place S.E., Hoover Road N.E., Dixon Court S.W., and the original location of "Simple City" are a few obscure areas that a Washingtonian could direct you to.

The Booker T, The Atlas, The Town, The Buckingham, The Senator, The Congress, The Dunbar, The Republic, RKO Keith's, Loews Palace, Loews Embassy, The Penn, and The Sylvan are part of a Washingtonian's memory.

Turner's Arena, The Den, Caesar's Palace, Mark IV Supper Club, The Room, This Is It!, The Butterfly, Rand's, Cherry's, Maverick Room, Masonic Temple, Success Cafe, Beverly's, The Diamond Gem, and at the hub of 8th & H Streets N.E. The Coco Lounge, all part of a Washingtonian's memory.

What makes a Washingtonian is full of excitement, full of many lessons, pros and cons, that one learns as a child; growing up, riding the bus and train, mapping ones way through and across the most influential city in the world, and always learning more about the illustrious history of the Nation's Capital.

I was born a Washingtonian. And I will die a Washingtonian.

By washingtonpost.com editors  |  January 26, 2009; 9:00 AM ET  | Category:  Reader Submission
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