'In the Loop'

by Ruth Darmstadter

It means to think I'm "in the loop" of being informed of things that are going on in the city, the country, and in the world--
Even if I'm not;
It means to think I'm aware of all the political gossip, scandals, and crimes against the national body politic--
Even when they happen I'm not on the spot;
It means to have access to some of the nation's best in theater, music, art, and other cultural events--
Even if I don't get out a lot;
It means that I really care when the Redskins, Nats, and/or the Wizards lose-
Even if at league titles they don't have a shot

It means to be outraged that DC has no voting members of Congress--
Even if I probably could do more to help DC get at least one;
It means wanting to help get the best in public education for DC children--
Even though I moved to Bethesda so my kids could go to schools there when all was said and done;
It means having parkland, hiking trails, and bike paths galore--
Even if I feel safer if I'm also close to members of the police corps
It means giving my grandkids a chance to learn the history of our country first hand--
Not just on school trips from across the land

For almost 50 years Washington has been, in my heart, my home
The city is unique, both as the nation's capital and locally;
Which is why I've tried to show in this so-called poem
That being a Washingtonian means so much to me

By washingtonpost.com editors  |  January 26, 2009; 9:00 AM ET  | Category:  Reader Submission
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