Pride and Preference

by Shirley Caporaletti

What does it mean to be a Washingtonian?

Let me tell you.

Excitement, pride, preference and caution. (I was born and raised in DC; 3rd generation. Simply being born and raised in the "District", gives you bragging rights." You don't meet too many"; as the frequent saying goes).
So, if you live in the metro area, go ahead and call yourself a Washingtonian; you're not likely to be talking with one.
Yes, it's truly exciting to be out and about in beautiful DC. (One of the prettiest cities in the US; known for its numerous small parks and world renowned architecture).You never knows what top secret person your next too. The exciting "chatter" of changing laws; before they hit the news. The witness of security vehicles suddenly moving thru traffic ;( you catch the news that night and if you don't hear of anything, your lead to believe it was all preventive). Security has always been serious business here, even before 911.
Yes, there's pride. The capital of the greatest country in the world. The nucleus of democracy, what more do I need to say.
Yes, we're preferenced. Free museums, not to mention the best fruit (in stores), in the metro area. We're in the top three cities of getting the best of everything first. DC had fax machines and digital gas pumps three years before our good neighbor Maryland.
Yes there's caution. DC is tough city. Con artists, robbers, pick pockets and worst. DC is transit: people come, they get, they leave. (Primarily for their careers). Cons are spotted quickly and homeless people become invisible, (DC services draw them here). But, such is the trade off.....tolerance! Oh yea and go Skins.

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