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Chris Hayes Should Have His Own Television Show

I was going to say that there are days when I'm proud to call Christopher Hayes as a friend. But then, I'm always proud to call Christopher Hayes as a friend. This, however, is awesome:

By Ezra Klein  |  July 14, 2009; 11:40 AM ET
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That's the worst thing I've ever seen. I'm going to have to take an aspirin after watching that. It was like a parody of cable news, which is already a parody of real news. Why does CNBC even exist anymore?

Posted by: WHSTCL | July 14, 2009 12:07 PM | Report abuse

One wonders how Dennis Kneale proposes to trade stock on a dead planet.

Or why he thinks climate scientists are not relevant to climate.

Or why he thinks it is his guest's fault because his producer did not verify basic bio information.

This is the reason why I don't consume news anymore.

Posted by: pj_camp | July 14, 2009 12:25 PM | Report abuse

Like the good sport he is, Chris made a hilarious face when laughing off how wrong, wrong, wrong his introduction was.

You asked for it, EK:

Posted by: ajw_93 | July 14, 2009 12:33 PM | Report abuse

It was like a parody of cable news, which is already a parody of real news. Why does CNBC even exist anymore?

Let's not forget, CNBC is not even news. It doesn't report to NBC News. CNBC reports to Jeff Zucker, head of NBC's Entertainment division.

Posted by: JEinATL | July 14, 2009 12:46 PM | Report abuse

You'd think there'd be some kind of diety or organization of over-protective mothers to protect us from shows like this ...

Posted by: pbasso_khan | July 14, 2009 12:47 PM | Report abuse

Wow, people actually watch that garbage?

I watched a few minutes and came away thinking:
1) That is one obnoxious show, and
2) That blowhard host doesn’t know anything about anything. His apparent method of 'winning' an argument is shouting over the few intelligent words that were spoken. He owes his guests a thank you for causing him to be silent for a few seconds, even if it was only a few seconds!

And, does he look like an infomercial salesman intentionally?

Posted by: rat-raceparent | July 14, 2009 1:06 PM | Report abuse

CNBC makes money for GE, but even better, it feeds the egos of the yahoos who watch the CNBC super-yahoos. Dennis Kneale apparently learned his shout down his guests from Kudlow and O'Reily (on Faux).

Please, Ezra, post this crap no more. Chris didn't stand a chance but he tried. There really isn't any cable "news" channel that is safe for rational beings, as guests or viewers (now that I think of it further, anything live video (CBS, NBC, ABC is infected with mind-destroying idiots). [I'll withhold comments about the WaPo editorial page featuring Sarah Palin being recognized as a climate change authority figure deserving more exposure.]

Posted by: JimPortlandOR | July 14, 2009 1:18 PM | Report abuse

Outside of Chris Hayes' commentary, that was just painful to watch!!! It felt like watching a new show at Fox News, a copycat of Bill O'Reilly (host screaming over the guy he invites to his show)! Painful!

And no, I don't watch Fox News. Horrible one-sided reporting. If boats were as "fair and balanced" as Fox News, they'd capsize without even touching the water...

Posted by: JERiv | July 14, 2009 1:29 PM | Report abuse

disgraceful, painful, throws a good heart into despair to think this happens in our nation.

Ezra - yea, don't post this junk anymore EXCEPT with demographics and ratings numbers to let us know how big an enemy is.

Let's start talking instead about how in the future we're going to re-establish news and discourse as being distinct from entertainment.

Posted by: wapomadness | July 14, 2009 2:02 PM | Report abuse

Who's the retro-O'Reilly goofball who keeps asking questions and not letting anyone answer?

Posted by: adamiani | July 14, 2009 2:46 PM | Report abuse

I can't figure out why the MSM (mainly cable but you gotta admit giving Sarah Palin an op-ed on climate change is bizarre)continues to give the failed ideology a forum.

Simple solution. Whenever a conservative is on, ask for conservative success stories.

Kept us safe? Only after getting hit with the worst act of terrorism in history.

What else?

No one ever asks.

Posted by: PoliticalPragmatist | July 14, 2009 3:30 PM | Report abuse

I had successfully blocked this Dennis guy's existence from my memory. Ezra, why are you eating my brain?

Posted by: polenta | July 14, 2009 3:34 PM | Report abuse

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