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Posted at 6:00 AM ET, 02/14/2011

Romney's haunting job loss claims at CPAC

By Glenn Kessler

"President Obama has stood watch over the greatest job loss in modern American history, and that, my friends, is one inconvenient truth that will haunt this president throughout history."
--Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Feb. 11, 2011

Once and future GOP presidential aspirant Mitt Romney launched a slashing attack on President Obama at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. With the nation struggling with the aftermath of the worst recession since World War II, it is clear that Obama's handling of the economy will be a major issue in the 2012 election.

While Romney has not officially announced he is running for president, he got his biggest laugh during the speech when he suggested he had not yet made up his mind. In fact, a true sign that someone is gearing up for a presidential run is that just seconds after The Fact Checker asked for data to back up the statement above, we received a two-page explanation, along with citations and links. The Romney folks also put a policy person on the phone to walk us through the numbers.

(Note to other politicians considering a presidential run: You may not agree with The Fact Checker's judgments, but you will always get a fair hearing if you try to explain the data behind the rhetoric. Not answering queries is not a good option unless you simply don't care about the facts.)

So, can Romney back up his statement?

The Facts

The importance of this statement depends on a series of questions. When did the recession start? How much is a president responsible for the economy? How will history judge what he did or did not do?

The recession obviously began before Obama became president. Romney's staff directed us to monthly job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which shows that from January 2009 to January 2011, the number of jobs lost totaled nearly 4 million. But the same data set shows that the economy started losing jobs nearly 12 months before Obama took the oath of office--for a total of 2.3 million jobs.

In fact, the Romney folks game the numbers a bit by counting January 2009--when 820,000 jobs were lost--as part of Obama's total. Obama took office on January 21, so he was president for less than half that month. If you move January to the pre-Obama period, then the job losses are about 3.1 million before he took office and 3.1 million after he took office. In other words, the economy had fallen off the cliff, and Obama hopped on halfway through the plunge.

Moreover, some 2 million jobs were lost in the first three months of Obama's presidency, before virtually any of his policies had begun to take effect. Should he really be blamed for those job losses? Romney, in the first part of his statement, doesn't quite blame Obama -he uses the phrase "stood watch"--but then in the second part of his statement he suggests Obama will get the blame in the judgment of history.

Romney's statement also lacks context. Four million is an interesting raw number, but it is less impressive when measured against the overall number of people employed. The raw job losses were somewhat less under Ronald Reagan, but when measured against the number of employed when both men took office, both saw a decline of roughly 2.3 percent in the first two years. (That's if you use monthly job loss figures, as Romney did. Reagan actually fares worse than Obama, percentage-wise, when you use a less volatile measure--the number of people employed from month to month.)

Reagan's experience, in fact, undercuts the second part of Romney's statement. Reagan's job losses were just as bad, if not worse, as Obama's have been. But with the passage of time, Reagan is now lauded for having let Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker wring inflation out of the economy, despite the devastating short-term impact on employment. The job losses may well haunt Obama "throughout history," as Romney claims, or they made fade in importance if the economy keeps improving.

"We stand by the statement that President Obama has stood watch over the greatest job loss in modern American history," said Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom in response to this analysis. "Attempts to excuse that abysmal record is of no comfort to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, those who have just given up looking for work and the many others who fear they are one paycheck away from joining the unemployment lines."

The Pinocchio Test

Romney's statement is technically correct but lacks context, making it meaningless. He attributes some job losses to Obama that are arguably not Obama's fault. And just using raw numbers is misleading, especially when, placed in context, the job losses under Obama are about the same at this point as under Romney's hero, Ronald Reagan.

One Pinocchio

(About our rating scale).

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By Glenn Kessler  | February 14, 2011; 6:00 AM ET
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Obama is the biggest job killer in US history. Ask Jim Webb, Creigh Deeds, Jon Corzine, Tom Perriello, HIS OWN SENATE SEAT, Blanche Lincoln, and Russ Feingold for starters.

Posted by: wewintheylose1 | February 14, 2011 6:57 AM | Report abuse

To understand Fact Checker's explanation one needs at least a small amount of intelligence and that is something that wewintheylose1 clearly lacks.

Posted by: nyrunner101 | February 14, 2011 7:09 AM | Report abuse

Mormon creed: No caffeine, alcohol, and/or tobacco but lying is another story...

Faux News is not facts news.

Posted by: waxtraxs | February 14, 2011 7:16 AM | Report abuse

Romney is correct........

The Democrats who took over our economy and when they took over Congress in 2006 and then the White House in 2008 have not done much to first, prevent the recession, and two, implement the correct policies for economic growth......

That's why we must hire the most qualified candidate in 2012 to address JOBS, DEFICIT, and ENTITLEMENT REFORMS....

Only the smart clean Fiscal Conservative Mitt Romney has the KNOWLEDGE to get this done.......

Romney's the one ! "Believe In America"

Posted by: allenridge | February 14, 2011 7:25 AM | Report abuse

Bush is to blame. Obama wasn't in office until the economy had collapsed. The republicans drove the bus right off the bridge and watched it sink.

Romney, like the rest of the mediocre bunch, has no ideas to create jobs or to improve the economy. It's easy to attack, but a lot harder to fix the problem.

The Republican majority in Congress has done nothing to create one job. They have been too focused on driving the country back to the days of "barefoot and pregnant" and back-alley, coat hanger abortions.

Posted by: hockeymom1 | February 14, 2011 7:47 AM | Report abuse

As we in Massachusetts are well aware, former Governor Romney has a nodding acquaintance with the truth, but they don't like each other.

Posted by: thrh | February 14, 2011 7:53 AM | Report abuse

Being blamed by Romney advisors for jobs lost in January when Obama did not take office until the 21st is not honest. Romney would do well to give up his graphs and charts since there is enough blame to go around for everyone. Cutting state and federal taxes on corporations, resurrecting U.S. exports and participating in true level field hardnosed negotiations with China holding out the promise of high tariffs on Chinese imports if the talks are unsuccessful is the key to creating 20 million new jobs.

Dr. Alan Phillips
Bloomington, IL

Posted by: ctw46 | February 14, 2011 8:01 AM | Report abuse

Who takes Romney serious anyways? This man has been on both sides of the issues more times than anyone can keep up with. Romney was once against everything Reagan but now claims to carry the banner of Reaganism!

Romney really needs to do some soul searching because he doesn't know what he believes in.

Posted by: SteelWheel25 | February 14, 2011 8:09 AM | Report abuse

The biggest job killers in American history are the Say-No Republicans who insist on tax cuts rather than money pumped into the economy to either save or create jobs. People with good jobs can pay their taxes. People with no jobs have no taxes to pay. The whole Republican argument is a total sham.

Posted by: EarlC | February 14, 2011 8:22 AM | Report abuse

He was wearing Magic Underwear when he said that....

Posted by: vigor | February 14, 2011 8:24 AM | Report abuse

Romney made his$$$ exporting American Jobs.

Posted by: newagent99 | February 14, 2011 8:33 AM | Report abuse

Only One Pinocchio?!?
Romney lies and deceives with the usual Fox & Frightwing radio scheme of omitting CONTEXT.

Posted by: angie12106 | February 14, 2011 8:36 AM | Report abuse

Good lord Kessler is a partisan.

Somehow he thinks that calling out Democrats once in a while for outright lies makes up for nit-picking character attacks like this. What a joke.

Posted by: bobmoses | February 14, 2011 8:39 AM | Report abuse

"Mormon creed: No caffeine, alcohol, and/or tobacco but lying is another story...'

I guess your creed includes mindless bigotry and adherence to ignorant stereotypes.\

Typical "tolerant" liberal.

Posted by: bobmoses | February 14, 2011 8:41 AM | Report abuse

Righties believe rightwing propaganda that Obamacare's 30M new customers is a job killer.

Posted by: angie12106 | February 14, 2011 8:46 AM | Report abuse

What is it about attaining political success that turns intelligent people into
braying jackasses?

Posted by: poppysue85 | February 14, 2011 8:49 AM | Report abuse

Romney is like every other politician. He made a political statement. Another way of stating this is that he used "weasel words."

Posted by: notamullethead | February 14, 2011 8:51 AM | Report abuse

Does this question help with insight?

When did the Congress become a DEMOCRAT controlled Congress?

Fact checkers should check out when the Legislature became DEMOCRAT controlled,

because the LEGISLATURE is basically responsible for the day to day operations of the country.

The Presidency gives guidance and supports or rejects their choices, but they are the influence for what happens in the country.

It was 2006, when the DEMOCRATS took over the controll of Congress.

When did the job losses really get started,I believe it was 2007.

Since 2008, the US has lost an estimated 8 MILLION jobs.

Posted by: dcdinnell | February 14, 2011 8:56 AM | Report abuse

Where's the jobs bill?

Posted by: tim7 | February 14, 2011 9:03 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: analyst72 | February 14, 2011 9:09 AM | Report abuse

Okay, since there is no discernible difference between the economic policies of Obama or Romney, what does your screed tell us? That both are treasonous swine? That neither is fit to clean the bedpans of the soldiers they sent off to Iraq and Afghanistan, who were wounded and return to the states to be housed like broken toys? That both are so unfit, so incompetent, so just plain scummy, that it make decent citizens want to vomit?

Posted by: mibrooks27 | February 14, 2011 9:11 AM | Report abuse

Speaking of screwed up "facts". This one deserves far more the one Pinocchio. You mentioned a multitude of statement that, if you read your rating system, made this one an exception to the fine work usually done. Face it. Based on your own scale, this was a solid three.

Posted by: pjohn3 | February 14, 2011 9:17 AM | Report abuse

Prior to the disaster of Republican leadership failure, there was a projected surplus, and the national debt was 5 trillion dollars.

Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership were handed the "disaster" of what remained of the American economy and a huge national debt of 13 trillion dollars. The occupation of Iraq ongoing, along with the war in Afghanistan.

Very difficult to make lemonade without even 1 lemon left in the barrel.

The same people who were dancing in the streets in all the Islamist nations around the world on 9/11/2001, will once again dance with joy should the American economy fail.

It goes without saying that those people were not Chinese, but they were followers of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Leaders sworn to the prospect of economic failure for America.

Republicans seem determined to continue our "fast track" course to the financial bottom that began with their failed leadership. Tea Party candidates are no different, equally incompetent failures!!

I just can't imagine a better outcome for Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda than seeing and helping Republicans candidates win elections.

Incompetent and ignorant Republican leadership from 1995 to 2006 will be with us for many years to come, surrounding us with the results of their failed policies.

Who is responsible for 7 trillion dollars added to the national debt? A debt that must be repaid with taxpayer money supplied by our children and grandchildren for many, many years into their future. To the tune of double digit trillions in debt that will saddle our youth for decades in taxes paid, for which they will receive “nothing” in return. Republicans are responsible for this massive debt!!

Posted by: motiv8ed | February 14, 2011 9:28 AM | Report abuse

Frothing rightwingnuts like alienridge and boobmoses can't handle the truth, so they attack the messenger. Business as usual from these loons.

Posted by: Observer691 | February 14, 2011 9:28 AM | Report abuse

Romney, like all politicians has elevated lying to a true science. He will say anything, and do anything in his quest for power. Our "leaders" are among the most despicable people among us.

Posted by: koygdb | February 14, 2011 9:38 AM | Report abuse

Who takes Romney serious anyways? This man has been on both sides of the issues more times than anyone can keep up with. Romney was once against everything Reagan but now claims to carry the banner of Reaganism!

Romney really needs to do some soul searching because he doesn't know what he believes in.

Posted by: SteelWheel25 | February 14, 2011 8:09 AM |

Answer: just the majority of Amerians.....

The real question is What does Barack Obama really believe about a flip flopper, phony, and fake guy.......

Posted by: allenridge | February 14, 2011 9:41 AM | Report abuse

Romney made his$$$ exporting American Jobs.

Posted by: newagent99 | February 14, 2011 8:33 AM

lol.......Bain Capital put the first $1 into Staples which employs 80,000 Americans.......

How many jobs as Obama created?

Posted by: allenridge | February 14, 2011 9:43 AM | Report abuse

what's the point of "fact-checking" ? caw-mawn, after all this is the country whose citizens believed to very large percentages that the 911 terrorists were Iraqis even after the mugshots, names, and countries of origin of the terrorists were plastered all over the place. And I won't be surprised if there isn't a large percentage that still believes the "Iraqis on 911 planes" myth.

So why shouldn't Romney and the rest of the GOP crooks strive to benefit from the uber-credulousness of the American public ?

Posted by: youngWaPoreader | February 14, 2011 9:48 AM | Report abuse

Is this more of that "Fuzzy math" the GOP has expounded before? First I question just where Mitt draws the line on recent history. Im from a generation who was born just after the great depression. I know im old but I do not believethose unemployment figures to be out of the equation. Mitt is quick to point fingers at others but he is very careful to avoid the Mass health care bill he inacted where enrollment in a health care plan is mandentory. He falls short of talking about the BIG DIG that was touted as the greatest government expense in the history of construction projects which he presided over.And investigations of fraud and waste are still being investigated.I remember one analyst commenting that he thought about everyone in Mass was on that payrole.I know politicians love to destort facts. but to blame Obama for the failings of an entire economic structure which was well into its decline during the Bush administration is really a stretch. Mitt needs to revisit Econimics 101 before he continues to throw bame about so loosely.

Posted by: cliffc1 | February 14, 2011 9:50 AM | Report abuse

Romney is the biggest flip-flopper in modern politics. He has ZERO chance of being elected President.

Posted by: twnctyguy | February 14, 2011 9:54 AM | Report abuse

***the job losses under Obama are about the same at this point as under Romney's hero, Ronald Reagan***

Im other words, Flipster, bullsh!t at the speed of light is still bullsh!t.

Posted by: Jerryvov | February 14, 2011 10:05 AM | Report abuse

So,while Comrade Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama to be sure has done more then his fair share of Job Destruction for US Workers,however one also has to question,
exactly as to how many of nitwit RINO
Mittens "Mitt" Romney Help Outsource to India and Mexico of Romney 4 Million Job
Loss Figures? So,must be okay for these
Mormon folks like Mittens Romney to lie
here no then,right? And,as an Independent
Voter here in Arizona frankly I have said
for a very long time,that you cannot TRUST
Mitt Romney anymore then you can trust the
Kenya in the White House Barack Obama,and
this one sure proves it once again.

However,once Mittens finds out that his job
loss data is being questioned then you can
safely expect Mittens Romney will find a
way to waffle,and flip and flop all over
it as well. I donot trust Mitt Romney anymore then I trust Barack Hussein Obama!

And,I donot trust CPAC hero Ron Paul either
as Ron Paul at 77 years old,just needs to
sit down,shut up and give up on his latest
un-winnable run for President as well. So,
wise up GOP Dump RINO Romney and Dump old
Ron Paul as well as,Democrats Dump Obama
and Hillary Clinton! We Need New Real And
Honest Leaders Not Loser like these fools!

Posted by: Ralphinphnx | February 14, 2011 10:06 AM | Report abuse


What has Romney done in the past 10 years to serve this nation? Nothing. He's made money hand over fist so he can run again. If he feels he's so entitled to run the nation how about he at least serve it while he waits for his shot.

Posted by: pathfinder12 | February 14, 2011 10:12 AM | Report abuse

2008 Romney campaign is a clue to how he will run the country if elected. He couldn't manage the finances of his campaign with the money collected/donated. He had to take upto $ 5 million from his personal account. After losing-let me rephrase- awarding bronze/aluminum medals to himself, his wife (& perhaps kids also) told him "Honey enough is enough, time to quit" he "graciously" stepped down.
And the Americans lived happily ever after.

Posted by: sarvenk63 | February 14, 2011 10:16 AM | Report abuse

With the proof right before their eyes, it simply amazes me that partisan nitwits continue to blame Bush or Obama for the economic disaster we are in. This all began under Clinton and his Democratic Congress. That's where the H1-B an L-1 visas came from, the bank deregulation, the whole free trade Ponzi scheme. Under Bush, it merely continued. Under Obama, though, we have a cheerleader for this series of catastrophes. And Romney, Gingrich, Palin, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, McConnell, Palin, or Bachmann, the whole pantheon of candidates and squabbling brats that is our political class are precisely the same. Every one of these swine and all of their advisors, their Wall Street contributors, their Chinese and Indian money men, are very worst sort of scum any country has ever produced and every stinking one of them deserves to spend the rest of their miserable lives rotting in a prison cell; at least nowhere near an elected office. Get mad, get really angry, and take to the streets. Free trade will not end, and we will not get our jobs back, so long as these cockroaches are permitted to exercise control over our lives and our country.

Posted by: mibrooks27 | February 14, 2011 10:20 AM | Report abuse

Did Mitt Romney address RomeyCare aka ObamaCare?

Posted by: ExConservative | February 14, 2011 10:29 AM | Report abuse

Phil Gramm famously wrote the deregulation that created the possibility for the disaster, famously slipped it in a bill during the night before the vote, blindsided everyone and took tremendous criticism, even from Republicans, for that deception. Yeh, Clinton was President but Gramm was the instrument and since everyone had read the bill before midnight the night before and nobody was told it was revised we got what we got.

Posted by: withersb | February 14, 2011 10:45 AM | Report abuse

This is not surprising. I remember hearing the GOP complain about Obama being responsible for the economy within 2 weeks of his taking office.

Remember - both Obama and McCain had 10 year economic plans; neither expected to solve anything in the first 2. It's just that big of a mess.

Posted by: sarahabc | February 14, 2011 10:55 AM | Report abuse

Obama is the biggest job killer in US history. Ask Jim Webb, Creigh Deeds, Jon Corzine, Tom Perriello, HIS OWN SENATE SEAT, Blanche Lincoln, and Russ Feingold for starters.

Posted by: wewintheylose1 | February 14, 2011 6:57 AM
George Bush killed many, many more jobs than Obama possibly could. Just ask Jim Talent, Conrad Burns, Mike DeWine, Rick Santorum, Lincoln Chafee, George Allen, Ted Stevens, Wayne Allard, Norm Coleman, John Sununu, Pete Domenici, Libby Dole, Gordon Smith, John Warner, and 8 million Americans.

Posted by: luridone | February 14, 2011 10:57 AM | Report abuse

A lying Mormon? You'd think that would be an oxymoron. But not when the flip-flopping Mormon is a desperate politican named Mitt Romney.

No rational honest person would think that the massive unemployment of 2008-2009 can be blamed on Obama, or that he even just stood by and watched. Was FDR responsible for the unemployment of 1930-1933? Silly question.

Posted by: DWSouthern | February 14, 2011 10:59 AM | Report abuse

Romney claimed the president "stood watch over the greatest job loss in modern American history."
And then he shouted "Fire!" in the crowded auditorium. And Got away with it.

Posted by: kishorgala | February 14, 2011 11:02 AM | Report abuse

Perhaps Romney does not understand how the economy works. The factories don't shut down on the day the new President takes the oath. The economic slide began many years ago with more and more outsourcing, but it became pronounced in 2007 - 2008 when the Stock Market Gamers and Banks started the Reverse Wealth Transfer Programs.

It is good that Romney's naivete about economics is coming out early enough.

Or he is lying.

Posted by: kishorgala | February 14, 2011 11:14 AM | Report abuse

Romney is full of B.S.. I would never vote for him because he will say anything to gain votes. It's too bad because he is intelligent and probably would make a decent president if he did not have such a low opinion of the intelligence of the American people.

Posted by: jp1943 | February 14, 2011 11:18 AM | Report abuse

Don't confuse the GOP with the truth. Their minds are already made up .... just like their 'facts'.

Posted by: deepthroat21 | February 14, 2011 11:23 AM | Report abuse

Short memories folks! Bush and his
Republican pals are the ones responsible
for our great economic crash - unemployment
was well on its way to greatness under
Dumya and the rest of his loser administration.

President Obama has done a great job
of turning things around -- things
that were not his doing.

Let's consider putting crooks like
Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, and the
Republicans in Congress in jail.

The damage they have done to America
is criminal.

Congrats President Obama - you are doing
a terrific job under the worst of
circumstances, and America will once
again be great under your watchful

Posted by: Sirius2 | February 14, 2011 11:38 AM | Report abuse

I'm not a Romney supporter by any stretch of the imagination, but.....

While it's true that no policies could be instituted by Obama before the end of January 2010 that could directly impact job hiring or layoff/shutdown decisions, is it not possible that simply the specter of Obama's election in November, combined with the policy pronouncements and proposals of he and and the Democrats in Congress (such as "health-care reform") could have led some companies to "throw in the towel" on trying to keep borderline concerns going? I mean, I certainly wouldn't be investing in high-speed rail or ethanol production in December 2012 and January 2013 if Obama were defeated by the likes of Romney or McCain.... would you?

Posted by: LNER4472 | February 14, 2011 11:40 AM | Report abuse

the usual partisan myopia as if they were truly different. bush&co and their wall street cohorts caused this disaster with trillions in tax cuts and trillions in illegal, lie-based, endless wars that doubled the national debt. obamabush has done nothing but give still more tax cuts and failed to over-ride GOP obstructionists in congress to do anything for the unemployed or poor.

we have 9% unemployed still getting an unemployment check but 9.6% long-term unemployed no longer getting that check. that is 19% of the would-be workforce of 160mln or 30mln unemployed plus dependents... struggling, going bankrupt, foreclosed... 147,000 young try to join the labor force monthly and in this past decade the US hasn't even averaged that number monthly... lost generation while the hedge fund managers still reap billions in bonuses!

the only conceivable way to put this many back to work is a $4-6 trillion, 4-6 year crash program backing a million or more new startup businesses. and what could these do for us? for starters, GAO in 2005 said we urgently need $3.5 trillion to repair disintegrating infrastructure... but were the assets of the finanial criminals seized to make that project possible? did the stimulus give trillions to the SBA for startups? the stimulus didn't give one thin roosevelt dime to startups! would mitt romney have backed such actions?

when the other shoe drops on this economy, the food riots which have been the initial cause of the uprisings elsewhere will start here even with the prozac propaganda-fed sheeple here who have been too meek to throttle this evil empire and create a govt which is responsive to the needs of the many instead of the cravings of the few. pseudo-liberals and fake conservatives get out of the way. and the 'let them eat cake' crowd had best be on their way.

Posted by: tazdelaney | February 14, 2011 11:46 AM | Report abuse

weasel words from a weasel in silk pajamas

Posted by: Anadromous2 | February 14, 2011 11:58 AM | Report abuse

Romney is just part of the Wimpy crowd from Popeye-
Romney and Co are the new Wimpy J. Wellingtons
'I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today'
Stick around, Romney is sure to reverse himself at some point

Posted by: Gracefulboomer | February 14, 2011 12:00 PM | Report abuse

This deserved at least 2 Pinnochio's using your scale as Romney's people blatently framed the context to distort the truth. C'mon...

Posted by: MisterRiiiight | February 14, 2011 12:00 PM | Report abuse

It was 2006, when the DEMOCRATS took over the controll of Congress.

When did the job losses really get started,I believe it was 2007.

Since 2008, the US has lost an estimated 8 MILLION jobs.

Posted by: dcdinnell | February 14, 2011 8:56 AM | Report abuse


And WHY did Democrats take over Congress? They did because Republicans had already screwed the country. The policies that almost bankrupted the country were already put into place by Republicans. And let us not forget that George Bush who had not vetoed one bill put before him prior to the Democratic take over of Congress all of a sudden started using the veto.

Why do Republicans insist on ignoring that?

Posted by: catmomtx | February 14, 2011 12:05 PM | Report abuse

Why you can't trust Mormons is they lie.

Posted by: 5inchtaint | February 14, 2011 12:11 PM | Report abuse

Yes, Romney's are liars, they always have been. They are deceptive liars. Mormons are trained to lie, they are encouraged to lie.

Posted by: LOL1 | February 14, 2011 12:25 PM | Report abuse

Romney probably believes all of his lies. Mitt must lie to himself everyday when he looks in the mirror. LYING is o.k. for Mormons to do, they LIE all the time. They are taught to lie, one sick narcissist society.

Posted by: LOL1 | February 14, 2011 12:49 PM | Report abuse

By the way Romney misrepresenting facts is LYING. Mormons are balled-faced lairs. They lie with the facts right at hand. They cheat, steal, and abuse. NO, one needs Romney in the White House, for this matter NO one needs Romneys in the country, they only corrupt everything!

Posted by: LOL1 | February 14, 2011 12:53 PM | Report abuse

I guess that the fact checker does not count all of the people who gave up looking for work or are working in jobs far lower than their previous jobs as part of the "official unemployment number". Add in all the jobs loss and not recovered even after the so called simulus was passed, this administration has done a terrible job creating or retaining jobs except in government where job creation has been great.

Posted by: sales7 | February 14, 2011 1:21 PM | Report abuse

Well, Tea Party/Conservatives/Repubican Party -- the truth hurts. Facts are facts.

Posted by: lddoyle2002 | February 14, 2011 1:27 PM | Report abuse

It is true that Bush and the pork swilling Republicans and their Wall Street buds bear a lot of blame. But so does Pelosi, Obama, their entitlement swilling Democrats and their best buddies at Wall Street's Goldman Sachs.

And so do the American People. Fat dumb and happy as the Free Trade, Globalism, massive new FedGov deficit spending, and "building mansions no money down for illegals means prosperity" Crowd bought and subverted BOTH Parties.

But despite the obvious "Blame Game" afoot, it is bottom line, like the Ford-Carter situation.
The economy got bad under Ford. But it got worse under Carter. There was just so much milage Carter was able to get blaming Ford for all his troubles.

Then people called him on his job performance.
Mitt Romney is pointing out that things are worse under Obama's job-killing policies.
The comeback "Its all Bush's fault that I'm about to slap massive new taxes on the jobs creating engine, all Bush's fault that I am at war with whole sectors of the US economy and out to kill jobs there"....just doesn't quite resonate like it did when Black Messiah ascended to office...does it??

Posted by: ChrisFord1 | February 14, 2011 1:43 PM | Report abuse

Mitt Romney: A True Politician

Say anything at any time to anyone, as long as it gets the votes.

Posted by: roedel1974 | February 14, 2011 1:59 PM | Report abuse

One job Romney won't have to worry about losing is the Presidency. He'll never be elected. No matter how many lies he tells.

Posted by: COLEBRACKETT | February 14, 2011 2:08 PM | Report abuse

A Conservative Romney lying OxyMormon!

Posted by: kishorgala | February 14, 2011 2:23 PM | Report abuse

Romney is right, "stood watch" is apt. The writer thinks Obama may have been unable to do anything in the 2 months before he took office to stop the job loss. But there are a number of things he should have done to stop the job losses but instead he stood watch and did nothing. So what is this, you giving Obama a mulligan!?

Kesslar apologizing for Obama and making excuses has got to stop. No more excuses. Obama stood watch and did nothing of any effect. He is inept and deserves to be defeated.

And no way does Romney deserve even one pinoke for this!

Posted by: SteadfastImmovable | February 14, 2011 2:29 PM | Report abuse

The only sure argument Rumney has in common is to think before he speaks, these days newspapers and media can make a conservative look like an intentional village idiot. criticizing Obama's values is not the character to have in your profile,just look at Palins, she has an amazing example in how to turn into a catastrophe and no political gain.

Posted by: frankca6gmailcom | February 14, 2011 3:21 PM | Report abuse

Mitt Romney is a bare face liar.

It appears Romeny's entire run for President is going to be based on lies.

While hard core far right wingers might wanna hear a lot of lie, neither Dems or Independents are going to vote for anyone trying to lie their way into office.

You know what comes after the 1st lie?
Another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another.

No thank LyingassMitt Romeny.
Been there, done that.

Posted by: lindalovejones | February 14, 2011 3:35 PM | Report abuse

Mitt Romney is a bare face liar.

It appears Romeny's entire run for President is going to be based on lies.

While hard core far right wingers might wanna hear a lot of lie, neither Dems or Independents are going to vote for anyone trying to lie their way into office.

You know what comes after the 1st lie?
Another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another.

No thank LyingassMitt Romeny.
Been there, done that.

Posted by: lindalovejones | February 14, 2011 3:46 PM | Report abuse

TO: wewintheylose1 who wrote:
“Obama is the biggest job killer in US history…”


No true.

Republicans wrote the book on killing jobs, and they’re ready to do it ALL over again.

By the way, we don’t have to ask anybody, we were there and we know the whole story.

George W. Bush and the Republicans’ job killing policies and practices helped President Obama get elected.

Is your amnesia bothering you gain, or are you just brushing up on “LIE AND DENY” politics?

Posted by: lindalovejones | February 14, 2011 3:56 PM | Report abuse

Flip Flopper Plastic Mitt is about as exciting as watching paint dry....yawn.

Meanwhile, now that the annual "Parade Of Low IQ Inbreeds" (CPAC) is over....

What did we see?

Anger, rage, crazy, tried-and-failed ideas, madness, pretzel-twisted logic, xenophobia, homophobia, immigrant-o-phobia, Islamophobia, isolationism, birtherism, secession and denial, denial, denial. Plus exciting discussions about the groundbreaking new Republican agenda of tax cuts for the rich, annexation of the vagina I mention tax cuts for the rich? Oh well.

At least some people will benefit from it.

Namely D.C.'s gay hookers.


Posted by: DrainYou | February 14, 2011 4:03 PM | Report abuse

Romney is like most other conservatives. He is blaming a baseball catcher for the bad pitch. Surely those of intellect appreciate the concept of "cause and effect" relationships. Just more Republican propaganda garbage for the sheep.

Posted by: TexasCynic1 | February 15, 2011 12:45 PM | Report abuse

"Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country."
-Ronald Reagan

Ron Paul is the only Republican nominee who can steal Independent/Democrat votes from Obama. You want Obama out of the White House? Yes to Ron Paul!

Posted by: ladyliberty6 | February 15, 2011 2:58 PM | Report abuse

Distortion. Inflammatory comments. Out of context. We are taliking about Republicans here.

Fear, Hatred, Distortion, Distraction and Division is all they have to offer America. Run the government?? No way!

Posted by: thebobbob | February 16, 2011 1:10 PM | Report abuse

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