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Police Photo of Robbery Suspect

The Fairfax County Police Department has released a photograph of a woman suspected in an Annandale bank robbery Aug. 26....

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Which High School Has Fairfax County's Best Football Team?

The Washington Post today published a special section previewing the upcoming season of high school football in the metro area. Of interest to Fairfax County fans may be the cover story on the depth of the local talent pool which includes a profile of Westfield High School senior running back Evan Royster who is poised for college stardom. ...

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Day Laborer Charged With Murder of Burke Carpenter

An Annandale man is being held in the Fairfax County jail on charges that he stabbed to death a contractor who had hired him as a day laborer to do work in a Montgomery County home. This morning's Metro section story on the arrest said that police believe that Carlos H. Bustamante Medieta, 29, was discovered stealing from the Chevy Chase home were he was working, by Hak Bong Kim, 55, who had hired him that morning. Kim's badly charred body was discovered on Aug. 15 in the woods near St. Michael's Catholic Church on Ravensworth Road in Annandale....

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Falls Church Police Union Issues Vote Of No Confidence In Chief

Police Chief Robert T. Murray has received a vote of no confidence from the union that represents the officers that patrol the city of Falls Church. According to an article in this morning's Metro section, the vote followed complaints from officers that the guns they had been issued were defective. The city government may put out a response today on this story....

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More County Students Taking AP Exams; Scores Increasing

The county school system has just posted the latest Advanced Placement (AP) data, showing that Fairfax students are taking greater numbers of AP examinations and increasing overall achievement by posting higher scores on exams. See the data at

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County 9-11 Remembrance Set

Fairfax County will host its annual Sept. 11, 2001 remembrance ceremony at 7 p.m. Sept. 11 at the county Government Center, officials announced today. Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald E. Connolly (D), fire chief Michael Neuhard and police chief David Rohrer are scheduled to deliver remarks remembering the terrorist attacks of 9-11 on Washington and New York....

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Fairfax traffic enforcement includes cops on school buses! FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) -- Cops may be riding on Fairfax County school buses when classes resume next Tuesday. But while the kids will want to mind their P's and Q's, so will other drivers. County police say officers on the buses will be looking out for drivers who do things like pass the bus while it's stopped. The police also plan speed traps to nail drivers who blow through school zones, or don't yield to pedestrians. The stepped-up enforcement will run all next month. The Fairfax County Police Department, in the interest of promoting a safe school year, will launch its "Start of School" enforcement campaign. Additional officers will be used to enforce all traffic laws including speeding in school zones, passing stopped school buses and failing to yield to pedestrians. Officers may ride on school buses to identify and summons motorists...

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George Washington, Action Hero, Coming Soon To An Historic Mansion Near You

An article in this morning's Style section revealed a new (or rather, old) look for the U.S.'s first president. Historians and physical anthropologists have created a rendering  of George Washington as he likely appeared as a young man. The rendering will serve as a model for a life-size figure that will go on display at Mount Vernon next year....

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Hurricane Touches Families, Friends of Fairfax Residents

Reston artist Jim Bailey, in an e-mail yesterday about the launch of the Fairfax County blog, added that he was headed to his hometown of New Orleans to check on his family. Another friend of ours told us that his daughter, a Tulane sophomore, managed to get out of N.O. before the storm hit.   The hurricane is very much on the minds of county residents, many of whom have loved ones in the LA-MISS area. Share with us your stories about how people you know are coping with the disaster.Meantime, a 34-person team from Fairfax is among the disaster relief workers from the local area who will be assisting with rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina which came ashore near New Orleans early Monday. The Washington Post had the report in this morning's A section.Two of The Post reporters sent to the hurricane area are based in...

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Burke Man Pleads Guilty in Birthday Party Shooting Death

A Burke man who fired a pistol into a crowd of partygoers during a confrontation in March pleaded guilty yesterday to involuntary manslaughter and a felony weapons charge in the death of Brendan A. Tash, 20 of Springfield. Tash was killed when the .38-caliber slug, fired by Durrell M. Pretty, 19, struck him in the neck....

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Here's A Good Read to Brighten Your Day

A group of Fairfax County expatriates so missed their old neighborhood that they organized a reunion over the weekend that brought together more than 150 people who had moved away over the last couple of decades. The story was on the front page of this morning's Post....

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Nighttime Construction Delays Ahead On I-66

Beginning tonight, delays of up to an hour on Interstate 66 near Manassas are expected most nights over the next two months, which no doubt will affect Fairfax County drivers. Details of what drivers can expect were published in this morning's Metro section....

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Herndon School Faces High Student Turnover Rate

Yesterday the Post published an article on the challenges of teachers and administrators at McNair Elementary School, which has the highest student turnover rate of any county school. For instance, in just one week last March, school officials said goodbye to 10 students and welcomed 13 new ones....

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Federal Health Officials in Fairfax Today Touting Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Mike Leavitt, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Elaine L. Chao, the Secretary of Labor, will join Northern Virginia officials at 1:30 p.m. today at the Korean Central Presbyterian Church, 8526 Amanda Place, Vienna, to highlight community-based resources that will help educate and enroll seniors and disabled citizens in the Medicare prescription drug coverage that goes into effect Jan 1....

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Classes Start Today at GMU

Nearly 29,000 students are at George Mason University in Fairfax this school year. That's probably not going to help the traffic congestion in Fairfax City from the downtown redevelopment project....

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Welcome to the Fairfax Blog

The hottest trend in the rapidly changing world of journalism is the rise of blogs. Today we start our own version of a blog for Fairfax County that we hope will provide you with another way of getting information about your community from the reporters and editors of The Washington Post. Some blogs are online diaries or journals that contain the musings of the author on any number of topics. Ours will be more like a community bulletin board that tells you what is going on in the county. Some of our posts will be breaking news such as a major traffic incident. Other items will be about future events, such as an upcoming concert. We will tell you about neighborhood disputes, Board of Supervisors and School Board actions, local crime and development. We want to be as fresh and topical as possible so you come to rely on us...

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