Fairfax traffic enforcement includes cops on school buses!
FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) -- Cops may be riding on Fairfax County school buses when classes resume next Tuesday. But while the kids will want to mind their P's and Q's, so will other drivers.
County police say officers on the buses will be looking out for drivers who do things like pass the bus while it's stopped. The police also plan speed traps to nail drivers who blow through school zones, or don't yield to pedestrians.
The stepped-up enforcement will run all next month.

The Fairfax County Police Department, in the interest of promoting a safe school year, will launch its "Start of School" enforcement campaign. Additional officers will be used to enforce all traffic laws including speeding in school zones, passing stopped school buses and failing to yield to pedestrians. Officers may ride on school buses to identify and summons motorists who break the law. They will be driving both marked and unmarked police cruisers and alternative vehicles. The purpose of the campaign, which will run through the end of September, is to educate the public about the increased danger of irresponsible driving during the school year. All violators will be ticketed as police continue to promote the safety and welfare of both children and adults.

By Steve Fehr |  August 30, 2005; 4:19 PM ET
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