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Taming Tysons Corner

Must reading for those of you interested in the future of Tysons Corner: A group of architects recently proposed a radical redesign of Tysons Corner that calls for more density through increased housing. Check out Roger Lewis' column from Oct. 29....

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Election Day Reminder

The Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs has issued the followling reminder about voting in the Nov. 8 election: Getting Out to Vote on Nov. 8 - Not Nov. 1Fairfax County reminds residents that Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fairfax County's General Registrar's Office reports that some commercial calendar companies have incorrectly listed Nov. 1 as Election Day on their calendars.On the ballot are governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, and all members of the Virginia House of Delegates. A school bond referendum also is on the ballot.  For more information on Election Day, visit, call 703-222-0776, TTY 711, or e-mail   ...

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Should High School Students Sleep Later?

Surveys at JEB Stuart High School in the Falls Church area show that parents, teachers and students support the idea of later start times....

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For Monday Night: Halloween Safety Tips

The Fairfax County Police Department has issued a news release aimed at making Monday's activities safer....

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Reston Pool Re-Opens Today

The indoor aquatic center at the Reston Community Center at Hunters Woods is scheduled to reopen today 29 after being closed for renovations....

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New Format for Metro Land Sale Meeting Tuesday Night

   Metro Board Chairman T. Dana Kauffman announced a new format for the meeting Nov. 1 on the proposed sale of Metro property near the Vienna Metro Station that would be part of the so-called MetroWest development:...

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Local Panel Asks for Immigration Help From Congress

From a news release: The Northern Virginia Regional Commission, representing 14 local governments, has written a letter to members of Congress appealing for "assistance in mobilizing a more effective execution of federal government responsibilities associated with the burgeoning immigration affecting our area."...

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Dulles Toll Road Could Be Run By Private Firm

The Virginia Department of Transportation today (Friday) received four competing conceptual proposals under the Public-Private Transportation Act to maintain and operate the Dulles Toll Road in Northern Virginia....

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Nearly All Fairfax Schools Are Accredited

The following press releases was issued by Fairfax County Public Schools today: Ninety-Nine Percent of Fairfax County Public Schools Earn Full State Accreditation

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Transportation Plan Meetings Run Throughout November

The county Department of Transportation will hold seven public meetings in November about proposed revisions to Fairfax's transportation plan. The changes would affect objectives and policies as well as the most recent travel forecasts. The transportation plan is part of the county's comprehensive plan. 100 or visit ....

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Watershed Protection Meeting Tonight

Fairfax County will hold a workshop from 6:30 to 9:15 p.m. tonight at Longfellow Middle School in McLean for residents and businesses in the Middle Potomac watershed. Officials want the public to review and provide feedback on proposals to protect and restore the watershed. The Middle Potomac area includes Pimmit Run, Scotts Run, Turkey Run, Dead Run and Bull Neck Run. A watershed is the land area that drains into a particular body of water....

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Know Someone Who Isn't 'Net Savvy?

Don't have the patience to teach them yourself?The Reston Community Center at Hunters Woods will hold an introductory class on how to navigate the Internet on Nov. 7 and 9....

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Fairfax Judge Dismissing DWI Cases

An article from this morning's Post reports on Judge Ian M. O'Flaherty, who has made it a policy in his Fairfax courtroom to dismiss drunk driving cases where the defendant's blood alcohol level was found to be .08 or higher on a breath test. O'Flaherty has said that he believes that the Virginia law that applies to these cases is unconstitutional because the law says that such defendants should be presumed guilty. Update 10/28: Fairfax prosecuters have challenged the judge on this issue....

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Fisher Column On Campaign Tactics

Metro opinion columnist Marc Fisher today wrote about candidates in the upcoming Virginia election -- including in one Fairfax race -- using implications and accusations of homosexuality against their opponents. Fisher will be online for questions today beginning at Noon. The "Race To Richmond" blog which covers all things election-related can be viewed here....

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Ten Horses Die in Clifton Fire

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept. issued this news release today: Units responded to a barn fire at approximately 2:40 a.m Oct. 26 in the Clifton area. The barn is located at 6429 Clifton Road....

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Panel to Focus on Lewinsville Park Case

The Fairfax County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing tomorrow night at 8:15 p.m. on proposed changes to the county's definition of what constitutes a public use of county-owned facilities....

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Editorial: Growth and its Discontents

The news and editorial departments of The Post are separate operations. That said, take a look at today's editorial on growth and the election.

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Govs, Mayor Meet in Annapolis

Gov. Mark R. Warner (D), Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., (R) and D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) met today in Annapolis to review their shared progress and cooperation on priorities for the National Capital Region, including air quality, transportation, homeland security, the Chesapeake Bay, tourism, and nanotechnology....

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A Provocative Look Inside a Big Home Builder

Because of the interest among Fairfax Focus readers in development and growth issues, I want to commend a piece from the Oct. 16 New York Times Sunday magazine. Sorry, but copyright issues prevent me from giving you a link other than The Times' website Do a search on "Chasing Ground" by Jon Gertner. You will get the abstract but will have to pay for the rest of the article. I would encourage you to search for it another way on the web such as Nexis so you don't have to pay. Sorry for the trouble but you will be rewarded with a richly done article....

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Warner to Deliver Final Education Address Today at Tysons Corner

Gov. Mark R. Warner (D) will deliver his final state of education address today (Oct. 25) to business and community leaders at a luncheon at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner....

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Schools Post Info from Springfield Boundary Meeting

Information from the Springfield area boundary study town meeting held Oct. 19 was posted today by the school district.

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Woman Attacked In Bedroom

A 26-year-old woman who fought off an attacker in her apartment near the Dunn Loring Metro station may have confronted the same man responsible for two rapes and another assault in the same neighborhood recently. The story is in this morning's Metro section....

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Party Shooter Gets 13 Years

Durrell M. Pretty, 19, was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison for the shooting death of Brendan A. Tash after Pretty fired into a crowd at a party last March in Springfield. The Metro article from Saturday's newspaper is here....

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Fisher On Hunter Mill Hearing

Metro columnist Marc Fisher wrote yesterday about the county's use of hired consultants to report citizen concerns at the recent meeting on the proposed Hunter Mill density changes....

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Speech Tomorrow About Rebuilding Iraq's Schools

Robert Gordon, an international education consultant and engineer, is scheduled to talk to Reston area residents at 7 p.m. Oct. 24 about the challenges he faced heading up a project to rebuild Iraqi schools following the war....

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Public Transportation Barriers Forums Scheduled

The county government is planning to hold three forums in November to solicit comments about barriers on public transportation that prevent people with disabilities from riding buses, taxis and trains.Publicly -funded transportation systems in the county include the Fairfax Connector, Metro, MetroAccess, FASTRAN, Medicaid-subsidized funded transportation, taxi services and Seniors-On-the-Go.The forums will be: 7-9 p.m. Nov. 1 at the South County Government Center, 8350 Richmond Hwy. (Route 1) in the Alexandria area.Noon-2 p.m. Nov. 3, Department of Systems Management for Human Services Building, Region 3, 11484 Washington Plaza W., Reston.10 a.m.-noon Nov. 5, Virginia Tech's Northern Virginia Center, 7054 Haycock Rd., city of in Falls Church....

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Bus Rapid Transit Meeting Monday

The McLean Citizens Assn. is sponsoring a forum on bus rapid transit at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the new lecture hall at McLean High School, 1633 Davidson Rd....

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Supervisors Blast Developer Over Ad

Supervisors Cathy Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) and Joan DuBois (R-Dranesville) have released the following statement today:...

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GMU Wants Charges Against Protestor Dropped

The student had been arrested in a confrontation with military recruiters. First, here are the details: Next, here is the GMU statement:...

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Hearing Nov. 1 on Metro Land Sale Near Vienna Metro

OK, let's start this morning with the story about the Metro Board delaying a vote on the sale of land near the Vienna Metro station. Connolly and Davis both are claiming victory. Now, here are the details for the Nov. 1 meeting. It's from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Oakton High School, One more thing. Metro General Manager Richard White is hosting an online chat at noon today.

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Taxpayer Alliance Meeting This Weekend

The annual meeting of the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday 10/22 at the Marco Polo restaurant in Vienna.The meeting will center on a discussion of public-private transportation partnerships. The speaker will be Patrick M. McSweeney, chairman of the Virginia Conservative Alliance.The alliance describes itself as a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization founded in 1956 to prevent excessive real estate tax increases in the county.The restaurant is at 245 Maple Ave. Wes. For more information, call 703-642-5567 or send an e-mail to

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Fine Artists in the Schools

Check out the piece in today's Fairfax Extra about four award winning art teachers in the county school system and how they stimulate students.

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More on Question Whether Black Students in County Lag Behind Peers in State

Read the continuing debate between Post readers and the county school system:

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Board OKs Historic Status for Former Lorton Prison

The county Board of Supervisors on Monday endorsed a plan to nominate the former Lorton prison site as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places and Virginia Landmarks Register. The nomination applies to a 552-acre area of the former D.C. Correctional Complex that the federal government transferred to the county and is being redeveloped. Some of the buildings would be preserved for historical reasons....

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Ending Homelessness in Fairfax

A group of county government officials, nonprofit agencies and representatives of the faith community is seeking to develop a plan to end homelessness in Fairfax by 2015. The Board of Supervisors endorsed this effort on Monday and called for a homelessness summit to raise awareness....

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Watch for Deer

The county police issued a news release today advising residents "to be extra vigilant for deer while driving during October, November and December."...

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Minutemen Group Meeting in Herndon Tonight

From a news release just issued:     A meeting will be held tonight at the Herndon Fortnightly Public Library to organize the Herndon Chapter of the Minuteman Project....

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Activists Fight Developers in Maryland

Check out the story about the grassroots activists challenging growth in the Clarksburg area of northern Montgomery County. The story was in today's Post.

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What Happened at the Hunter Mill Meeting?

I went out to Kansas City for a long weekend to see the Redskins game Sunday. Wow, you think we have rabid fans. Chiefs fans are insane. We sat in front of the press box complex and at one point I saw Redskins owner Dan Snyder peering out at the Redskins coaches through binoculars. I knew it was him because he was wearing cuff links. Who wears cuff links to a football game? I took a photo of him! While I was gone, the Hunter Mill folks had a meeting Monday night. Talk about what happened....

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Fairfax Disaster Plan Unveiled

County Executive Anthony H. Griffin yesterday outlined the disaster plan that Fairfax officials would implement in the case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster. Details are here....

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Gang Suspects Arrested At County Park

The following brief appeared in Saturday's Washington Post:Fairfax County gang detectives, watching an apparent meeting of members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang this month, witnessed one group break into a car later and steal a stereo, and they arrested four of the suspects, Fairfax police said yesterday. The alleged gang meeting occurred Oct. 1 in Roundtree Park, off Annandale Road in the Falls Church area. A search warrant affidavit stated that detectives had been tipped that the gang, also known as MS-13, would be meeting, and police set up surveillance. Police then witnessed the car break-in, court records stated....

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Talk on Same Sex Marriage Wednesday

The George Mason University School of Law will host a symposium on same-sex marriage from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Oct. 19 in Room 201 at the law school, 3301 Fairfax Dr., Arlington. The symposium will be moderated by James W. Dyke Jr. and includes state Dels. Adam P. Ebbin (D-Arlington) and Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William). A reception will follow. The event is free and open to the public....

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Happy 50th, McLean High School

McLean High School is marking its 50th anniversary Friday and Saturday with a gala, golf tournament, class reunions and a tailgate party, organizers said in a news release. ....

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High School Boundary Changes Meeting Set For Tomorrow Night

The first of two meetings to examine proposed school boundary changes that will effect three Fairfax County high schools will be held tomorrow night. The meeting covers the West Springfield High School/Irving Middle School, Lee High School/Key Middle School and Lake Braddock Secondary School districts. The town meeting for this study will be at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 19. A second meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 10 at West Springfield High School, 6100 Rolling Rd. For information, contact the school system at 703-246-3608....

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Comments Sought on School Textbooks

County school officials are asking for public comments on proposed new English literature textbooks for students in grades 9-12 and proposed new science textbooks for students in grades 6-8....

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Parking Change Goes Into Effect Monday at Public Safety Complex

Beginning Monday (Oct. 17), parking for jurors and visitors to the Fairfax County courts and other facilities at the Public Safety Complex will be restricted to garage B on Page Avenue. The move is to tighten security at the court and public safety complex....

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Laurel Hill Golf Club Set To Open Sunday

The Fairfax County Park Authority has released a statement about the opening of the new Laurel Hill Golf Club to the public on Oct. 16. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 4 p.m. Oct. 15. The Fairfax Extra published a feature story about the golf course in August....

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Organized Opposition To Development In Fairfax

A front page article from this morning's Washington Post gives prominent play to the recent efforts of citizens to organize themselves to oppose what they view as unfair development practices in Fairfax County. See it here....

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Tysons, Great Falls Libraries to Celebrate Birthdays on Saturday

Two county libraries in the Falls Church area and Great Falls will mark anniversaries on Saturday 10/15....

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Hunter Mill Rd. Traffic Report Out Friday

From a news release today: The Hunter Mill Road Traffic Calming Committee will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. Fri. Oct. 14 at the W&OD Trail where it crosses Hunter Mill Road. The adjacent cross street is Hunter Station Rd. The purpose of the press conference is to announce the release of a summary report completed by the committee and to announce the commencement of the engineering next steps in the Hunter Mill Road Traffic Calming project....

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County Executive To Brief Supervisors on Emergency Preparedness

From a county news release issued today: Fairfax County Executive Anthony H. Griffin will give a presentation on emergency preparedness to the Board of Supervisors during the morning session of the board's Monday, Oct. 17 meeting....

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Building Backyard Nature Preserves

The cover story in today's Fairfax Extra takes a look at how, in the face of increasing development, some residents and businesses are using environmentally friendly landscaping in an effort to preserve native plants and animals....

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Fears of Possible Flu Outbreak Fuel Fight Plan

Increasing concerns over a possible world-wide epidemic of avian flu have Virginia health officials working to create a plan on how to handle the disease, according to an article in today's Fairfax Extra....

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Contracts Granted To Groups Aiding Katrina Evacuees

Three local nonprofit organizations have been granted contracts worth $276,400 from Fairfax County to aid the estimated 1,500  evacuees from hurricane Katrina believed to be sheltering here. The Fairfax Extra has the story....

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Witness Says Alexandria Area Lawyer Killed With A Pipe

A witness in a preliminary hearing in Fairfax General District Court said yesterday that Eric  N. Miller, the Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer found dead in a Route 1 motel in August, was killed with blow to the head from a metal pipe. A Metro section from this morning  article has details....

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No More Channel 11 for Schools

Form a news release issued today by the county school system: Television programming currently airing on Fairfax County Public Schools Teacher Channel 11 will move to Red Apple Channel 21 and Community Classroom 25 beginning Saturday, October 29. The move will be complete on Tuesday, November 1....

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Falls Church Adding Parkland

The city of Falls Church announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase the three-acre forested "Hamlett Tract" located at 601 W. Broad St. According to the news release, the purchase price is $1,040,000. The city currently owns more than an acre of land adjacent to this parcel, enabling the creation of a four and half acre contiguous park with the addition of the Hamlett Tract. This will be the third largest park in the city, behind Cherry Hill Park and Crossman Park/Four Mile Run....

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Woman Dies After Falling Under Bus

A woman waiting for a bus near the Seven Corners shopping center was killed yesterday afternoon when she apparently slipped and fell beneath a Metro bus, Fairfax County police said....

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We're Not Alone

I wanted to share with you this piece from the Mon. Oct. 10 New York Times. It shows how issues of density, slow growth and maturing neighborhoods also are playing out in the New York metropolitan area. Here's the link. Registration may be required at The Times' site.

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Fairfax: Home of the Town Center

I came across an Associated Press dispatch that might be of interest....

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Gov. Warner Taps GMU for Statewide Shelter Plan

From a news release issued today: Gov. Mark Warner has requested the assistance of George Mason University in developing the first-ever Virginia plan for evacuation event response. The plan is expected to be completed later this fall, allowing Virginia to be the first in the nation to develop a written plan documenting lessons learned about state-level emergency sheltering response activities necessitated by recent natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina....

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Kaine Would Give Counties Like Fairfax the Right to Curb Growth

The Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, Tim Kaine, said Monday that he would give local governments the authority to reject rezoning requests by developers if the proposals overwhelm the transportation system. In other words, if a developer proposed a rezoning, the local elected officials could reject it if they believed the development would overwhelm the local road system. The thing is, Kaine as governor still would have to get such a proposal through the General Assembly....

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Candidates For Governor Focusing On Fairfax

This morning's Metro section reports that Democrat Timothy M. Kaine and Republican Jerry W. Kilgore both plan to focus more time and resources on capturing votes in Fairfax County during the final weeks of the campaign....

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Police Searching For Suspect In Dunn Loring Sexual Assaults

Three recent attacks on women in wooded areas near the Dunn Loring Metro station have police on the lookout for a single suspect. Details are here....

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Perhaps It's Time To Name The Snakehead The Official Fish Of Fairfax

Last weekend's heavy rains revealed high numbers of snakehead fish present in Dogue Creek on the southern edge of the county. Does anyone know if these things are good to eat?  Can the skins be made into boots or belts? The story was in today's Metro section....

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Getting In to TJ

County school officials made two announcements regarding admission to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in the Alexandria area....

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Inova to Dedicate Medical School Tonight

Tonight (Mon. Oct. 10), Inova will host a formal dedication of the Virginia Commonwealth University campus at Inova Fairfax Hospital and celebrate the groundbreaking of the Claude Moore Health Education Center, which will house the medical school....

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Dominion Power Planting Trees on Tuesday Along W&OD Trail in Vienna

Dominion, which was criticized earlier this year by residents near the trail who complained the giant power company was cutting down too many mature trees, is trying to make amends Tues. Oct. 11 by planting over 100 trees....

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Minstrel in the Classroom: Jethro Tull Lead Singer at TJ Wednesday

Ian Anderson, flutist and lead singer with the rock band Jethro Tull, is planning to speak to the Classic Rock Club at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology on Wed. Oct. 12 from 3 to 3:30 p.m.   Anderson will chat with the students about Jethro Tull , classic rock, the music business, and playing the flute. He will be joined by violinist Lucia Micarelli , who has played with Josh Groban and the Trans Siberian Orchestra. ...

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Herndon Receives Homeland Security Grant

Herndon has received a $200,000 homeland security grant to buy emergency response equipment, officials said....

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Boundary Study Meetings For Elementary Schools Set For Tomorrow Night

County school officials have announced town meetings to discuss boundary studies that are to determine attendance areas for a new elementary school. The new elementary school, scheduled to open next year, is in the Fair Chase subdivision of Fair Oaks. Elementary schools involved in the boundary study include Brookfield, Colin Powell, Fairfax Villa, Greenbriar East, Greenbriar West, Poplar Tree and Willow Springs. var technorati = new Technorati() ; technorati.setProperty('url','') ; technorati.article = new item('education briefs','','County school officials have announced town meetings to discuss boundary studies that are to determine attendance areas for a new elementary school and three existing high schools.','') ; document.write( technorati.getDisplaySidebar() );The town meetings for this study will be at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11. A second meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 1 at Rocky Run Middle School, 4400 Stringfellow Rd., Chantilly, and on Dec. 8 at Liberty Middle School, 6801 Union Mill Rd., Clifton....

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DuBois Aide Leaving for Arizona

Supervisor Joan DuBois (R-Dranesville) today announced in a news release that Linda Lammersen will be leaving the supervisor's staff in November and relocating to Arizona....

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Developer Buys Full Page Newspaper Ad Touting 'Wonderful New Community Taking Shape' at Hunter Mill Road

Careful readers of The Reston Times may have noticed the full page color ad in Wednesday's paper taken out by K. Hovnanian Companies and WCI/Renaissance Communities. The ad, on page A13, promotes the Parkview community, the proposed 226-acre development near Hunter Mill and the Dulles Toll Road. This is the project that is the target of criticism by many residents of the area who object to as many as 1,800 homes in their low density community. What's striking about the ad is that it presents the Parkview project as if it has already been approved. It shows a photo of four townhouses as if they have been built. It describes Parkview as a community "taking shape" and "whose time has arrived." But the project is a long way from approval. The county Board of Supervisors would have to change the comprehensive plan and approve the developer's rezoning request before...

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Just In: Route 28/Westfields Blvd. Interchange Opening Delayed

Due to heavy rain today and this weekend, VDOT is postponing the opening of Route 28 Interchange and Westfields Boulevard until next Friday, Oct. 14.  ...

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Victoria's Secret at Tysons Tones Down Display...

...But a Christian conservative group was planning to protest outside the store today, anyway. The story is in this morning's Metro section....

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New Boys & Girls Club in Herndon Aims To Prevent Gang Involvement

That the new extension of the Boys & Girls Club at Hutchison Elementary School in Herndon will help discourage young people from joining gangs is the hope of town officials, according to a Fairfax Extra article published today....

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Helping to End Domestic Violence in Fairfax's Korean Community

The cover story in today's Fairfax Extra profiles Esther Park of the Annandale-based Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington. Park want to help women from the immigrant community who are caught in abusive relationships....

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Fairfax Firms Race Robots For $2 Million Prize

This morning's Business section reports that robots built by McLean-based Mitre Corp. and Ensco, Inc. of Falls Church, are among the 23 that will compete in a race through the Nevada desert in an attempt to claim a $2 million dollar prize from the U.S. Department of Defense....

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Man Charged In Falls Church Stabbing Gave False Report Of Sniper Shooting

The man charged yesterday in the murder of a Falls Church woman gave police false eyewitness testimony in 2002   during the the Washington are sniper investigation. Matthew M. Dowdy, 40 is being held on charges that he beat and stabbed to death Judy "Jaime" Coate, 31, last week. The article from today's Metro section is here....

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Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Falls Church Woman

About 12:30 p.m. today, Fairfax County Police arrested 40 year-old Matthew M. Dowdy and charged him with the murder of Judy J Coate.

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RCC Sponsoring Mountain Boarding Workshop For Teens

Reston teens are invited to learn the extreme sport of mountain boarding during the Reston Community Center's day-long outing at Bryce Mountain Resort Oct. 22.Mountain boarding is a cross between snowboarding and skateboarding.Hours are 6:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. The cost is $40 for Reston residents, $60 for nonresidents and includes board rental and lessons. Teens will need to purchase their own lunch and dinner.For more information, call 703-476-4500 or visit

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Pedestrian Killed in Annandale Area

From the county police press release: A 76-year-old pedestrian died in a fatal crash in the Annandale area. On Tuesday about 4 p.m., a 2004 Subaru, driven by a 78-year-old Falls Church-area woman was traveling westbound on Columbia Pike. The driver ran off the road, struck a pole, a sign and a womanwho was standing on the corner of Columbia Pike and Rose Lane. The victim was identified as Sung Paik Chu of 6925 Columbia Pike in the Annandale area.The preliminary investigation revealed that speed and alcohol were not factors. The investigation is ongoing...

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Damon's Rib Restaurant Opens at GMU; First on a College Campus

From a Damon's news release today: Students at George Mason University this week become the first in the nation to enjoy the famous ribs, onion loaves and big-screen entertainment served up by a Damon's Grill located on a college campus....

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Northern Virginia Home Contractor Guilty in Fraud

Alexandria home contractor Craig J. Oliver faces as much as 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in January for defrauding 68 of his customers, most of them from Fairfax County. Oliver pleaded guilty to wire fraud in U.S. District Court on  Monday....

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Lifelike Mannequins In Lingerie Attract Attention At Tysons Corner Center

The new Victoria's Secret store in the the expanded wing of Tysons Corner Center is creating a buzz, not all of it positive, with its racy  display of scantily clad, realistic mannequins in provocative poses. An article is in this morning's Metro section....

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Family Civics Seminar Tonight

The Fair Oaks Academy will host a town-hall-style meeting for young people and their families tonight to encourage civic involvement. The forum, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., is open to the public and will include community leaders and state and local lawmakers....

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College Information Events For High School Students Scheduled For This Weekend

The county school system will hold two events to provide high school students with information about colleges. · The annual college fair is 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Oct. 16 at Fair Oaks Mall, 11750 Fair Oaks, Fairfax. High school students and their families will be able to get information on more than 400 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, including two- and four-year colleges as well as business, technical and nursing schools. · The college night program, which will offer workshops about college admissions, athletics, financial aid, writing application essays and more, will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 17 at Hayfield Secondary School, 7630 Telegraph Rd. in the Alexandria section of the county. For information, call 703-246-2991 or visit ....

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Rally Held After GMU Student's Arrest

About 100 students attended a noon rally yesterday at George Mason University in support of a student who said he was arrested Thursday by campus police for protesting the presence of a military recruiter in the student center....

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10-Year Old Twins Allegedly Fight-Off Their Martial Arts Instructor In Abduction Attempt

Andrew Jacobs, 42, a part-time martial arts instructor from Vienna is in jail today on charges of assault, attempted abduction and burglary. Jacobs is accused of trying to abduct twin girls, students at the school where he taught, from their Vienna townhouse. Today's Metro section has the full story....

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From VDOT Today: Route 28 and Westfields Boulevard Interchange to Open Friday

The Virginia Department of Transportation this morning issued this announcement: Following Friday morning's rush hour (Oct. 7), VDOT and the Route 28 Corridor Improvements team will open an interchange at Route 28 and Westfields Boulevard in Fairfax County. The traffic signal at Westfields will be removed and the bridge, along with six of the eight interchange loops and ramps will open to traffic....

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What's Wrong With Density Near a Transit Station?

I am glad we have triggered a lively discussion about development and the future of Fairfax County. Please remember that I am only trying to convene a discussion, not take sides. Here's a question for today, stemming from the post by Charlie of Hunter Mill who said, "I believe that [Fairfax Supervisor Catherine] Hudgins is out to support the Wiehle Metro station by creating density." If I read this right, Charlie believes that density is a bad thing near a transit station. My question is, what is wrong with density near a transit station? A case could be made that we want as many fare-paying subway riders as we can get so we don't have to spend as much of our tax dollars subsidizing Metro....

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Gingerbread House Workshop Friday at McLean Community Center

The McLean Community Center is sponsoring a gingerbread house workshop for families Oct. 7 at the center's community hall.Hours are 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The cost is $44 a family; $36 for McLean area residents; each additional gingerbread house will cost $25. Decorating products will be provided.Registration is required. The center is at 1234 Ingleside Ave. For more information, call 703-790-0123....

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There's a Story in The Post Today About Saturday's Hunter Mill Road Workshop

Here it is: Traffic was sparse yesterday on winding, tree-shrouded Hunter Mill Road near the Dulles Toll Road. A man stood outside a clapboard house selling labrador puppies. A church advertised a rummage sale. Cyclists stopped to rest at the Washington & Old Dominion Trail bike path crossing and soak up the autumn sun....

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County Plans to Buy Easement on 41-Acre Open Space in McLean, Largest Land Expenditure in County History

Fairfax County officials have announced plans to spend $16.1 million dollars to buy an easement on a 41-acre historic property in McLean that will create a public park. It would be the largest single land expenditure in the county's history. The property is part of the Salona estate, currently owned by Daniel H. DuVal and Clive DuVal III, sons of the late state Sen. Clive DuVal II (D-Fairfax). The DuVals have agreed in principle to allow the county Board of Supervisors and the park authority to acquire a conservation easement on the land, protecting it from development and allowing the county to use it indefinitely. If the DuVals sell the land, the county would have the right to buy it first. Offficials said the open space would include athletic fields, a playground and picnic area. The county goverment still has to find the money to pay for the easement on...

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Suicide Prevention Walk in Reston This Weekend

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention will hold a community walk at 8 a.m. Sunday 10/2 at the Reston Town Center.Money raised will benefit suicide prevention research, education and awareness programs to prevent suicides and help those who have been affected by suicide....

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Plane Pull Today at Dulles

The annual plane pull and Dulles Day family festival will be held today at Dulles International Airport....

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