Minutemen Group Meeting in Herndon Tonight

From a news release just issued:
    A meeting will be held tonight at the Herndon Fortnightly Public Library to organize the Herndon Chapter of the Minuteman Project.

More from the news release:
The volunteer group, which will participate in the national effort called Operation Spotlight, is forming to ensure national security by observing and reporting potential violations of federal and state laws with regard to illegal immigration and employers who hire them.

George Taplin, organizer of the Herndon Minuteman chapter, made the following comments about the meeting tonight:

"We encourage all Americans who are concerned about the unabated flood of illegal immigration to support the Minutemen in our peaceful, law-abiding actions.

"We reject the reasons for tolerating the status quo being proffered by those who
profit from the criminal acts of illegal immigrants and employers alike for the establishment of 'day labor sites'. Government, business and so-called human rights groups have struck a Devil's pact that sacrifices the security of Americans and the dignity of illegal immigrants by encouraging behavior that violates the law and puts our country at risk of terrorist attacks.

"Their lax attitude toward the flood of illegal immigration in Northern Virginia created the conditions whereby several of the 9/11 terrorists were able to use the illegal alien underground to obtain IDs that helped them commit their heinous attacks on America.
Rather than undermining our national security by making it easier for those who wish us harm to blend in to our society, local governments and businesses should be doing everything in their powers to protect their communities by upholding and obeying the law."
By using a network of observers, informants, experienced attorneys and retired law enforcement personnel, the Minuteman Project's Operation Spotlight will seek criminal convictions and civil penalties under existing federal and state laws against: Employers and their agents who have willfully exploited the illegal alien slave labor market in violation of long-standing immigration, tax and labor laws; operators of so-called safe-houses who harbor illegal aliens smuggled into the United States; persons conducting human smuggling operations, especially the smuggling of children for sexual exploitation and persons engaged in document fraud relative to illegal immigration.

Update:  A Post article on the Minutemen was published on Oct. 22

By Steve Fehr |  October 20, 2005; 1:58 PM ET  | Category:  Immigration
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