New Format for Metro Land Sale Meeting Tuesday Night

   Metro Board Chairman T. Dana Kauffman announced a new format for the meeting Nov. 1 on the proposed sale of Metro property near the Vienna Metro Station that would be part of the so-called MetroWest development:

Instead of a traditional public hearing, as people sign-up to speak, they will indicate whether they are generally supportive of the sale and development or generally opposed to the sale and/or the development.

When Metro officials call for speakers, they will alternate between the two groups.  This way, no one side packs the list and Metro gets the opportunity to hear all views.

After Metro listens to the first 10 speakers, officials will briefly pause to give Metro officials a chance to answer questions and, for those with different views on the sale or development, to react to opinions expressed by the speakers.  Kauffman will act as a moderator as needed.

Metro will continue alternating between taking comments and engaging in dialogue until officials run out of time and allow a few minutes for closing remarks.

By Steve Fehr |  October 28, 2005; 7:52 PM ET  | Category:  Development, Growth , Transportation
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