Supervisors Blast Developer Over Ad

Supervisors Cathy Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) and Joan DuBois (R-Dranesville) have released the following statement today:

The full page advertisement by WCI/Renaissance Communities and K. Hovnanian Companies, which appeared in the Reston Times Community Newspapers on Thursday, October 6, 2005, was inappropriate and critically harmed the process established for the Hunter Mill Road Special Study.

The advertisement appeared to market what could certainly be construed as a tacitly approved development plan for a future development on land under contract and ownership by WCI/Renaissance Communities and K. Hovnanian Companies along Hunter Mill Road. The ad by WCI/Renaissance Communities and K. Hovnanian Companies breaches the integrity of the process put in place by the Board of Supervisors. It brings unfair suspicion on the efforts by County staff, Board members and the Task Force to frame a visioning process for the community.

We are unaware of any instance in which an applicant seeking a change to the Comprehensive Plan would take the liberty to market a product without reaching even the first step in the land use process, which requires obtaining Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors approval to amend the Comprehensive Plan. WCI/Renaissance Communities and K. Hovnanian Companies submitted an Area Plan Review (APR) nomination for the site, as part of the standard 2004 North County APR process, to increase the density and use from the current Comprehensive Plan.

That APR nomination, along with others submitted for this land area, was set aside, and instead the Board of Supervisors, on a joint motion from the Dranesville and Hunter Mill Supervisors, approved the formation of a Hunter Mill Road Special Study for the 226 acres proposed in the WCI/Renaissance Communities and K. Hovnanian Companies APR nomination. There is no Parkview community "taking shape" as the ad purported. Rather, the only thing that should be taking shape at this time is the greater community's vision for this corridor.

The process was designed to gather input from the community on a vision for the area, not to vote on a specific nomination. Let us all put our energy into placing ideas on the table. Working together we can ensure a good future for our Hunter Mill Road community.

By Steve Fehr |  October 21, 2005; 12:51 PM ET  | Category:  Development, Growth , Politics
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