Woodrow Wilson Bridge Featured On Discovery Channel Tonight

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project will be featured in the Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering series tonight at 8 p.m.

From the Discovery Channel press release:
"Members of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project worked over the summer with WAG-TV, Discovery Channel's production house responsible for the Wilson Bridge Project episode, to capture the magnitude and many complexities of the $2.4 billion project for this exciting television program. As viewers will see tomorrow night, the program focuses on the project's first "heavy steel lift" which took place in August with the raising of the first set of draw span leaves for the first new bridge (south span or Outer Loop). Eventually supporting the deck of the new drawbridge, the two leaves were lifted, as a single 466-ton unit, 76 feet into place, connecting the Maryland and Virginia sides of the new bridge. A subsequent heavy lift took place in September and two more are anticipated next fall.

The Discovery Channel program documents the events leading up to the heavy lift, including following the journey of the barge carrying the draw span leaf structure up from Florida, until the end when the barge arrives and the dramatic lift takes place. The program also touches upon other aspects of the 7.5-mile long Wilson Bridge Project.

Extreme Engineering is a six part series, which highlights in each hour-long episode, a large-scale, pioneering 21st century construction project involving ambitious designs, vast amounts of money, as engineers, builders and architects attempt to deliver a product that is on-time and on-budget. The story and dramatic action of Extreme Engineering arises from the project itself - an engineering dream awaiting realization; the characters are the engineers and builders whose job it is to deliver. Projects that are featured in the series originate from around the world.

The show will air a total of three times - viewers should check their local listings for channel information.

· November 9th at 8:00 pm (EST)

· November 10th at 12:00 am (EST)

November 13th at 2:00 pm (EST)"

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