Accord Reached on Day-Laborer Site

From today's Metro section:

Loudoun County and the town of Herndon have agreed that the town will cease using any portion of its recently opened day-laborer center on county land. The publicly funded center, which has been operating for about a week in a former police station, straddles the line between Loudoun and Herndon.

By Jan. 1, one entrance to the center as well as part of the parking lot will be blocked off, according to the agreement. The accord was reached after Loudoun County Administrator Kirby M. Bowers wrote this week to Herndon Town Manager Stephen F. Owen, asking him to shut down the controversial center because it does not comply with county zoning. Bowers had threatened to take the town to court if it did not comply.

"We have worked it out," Owen said yesterday.

Opponents of illegal immigration believe the site encourages employers to hire illegal workers and avoid paying market wages. Supporters say the site provides a more controlled environment for workers and employers to meet than the parking lot where they had been congregating.

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