Pedestrian Task Force Offers Recommendations

From today's Fairfax Extra:

The county's pedestrian task force has called for a series of broad changes in policy and infrastructure to improve the safety of the walking public.

The report, which capped a year of work by the task force, proposed a 10-year capital spending plan in four areas:

· Major pedestrian activity centers, transit access and intersection retrofits.

· Neighborhood connections, arterial walkways and road diets (reducing the traffic lanes of a particular roadway).

· Bus stops.

· Retrofitting for the disabled and pedestrian bridges.

The Board of Supervisors has identified about $11 million in federal, state and county funding for pedestrian improvements.

"This document will not just sit on a shelf; it will be implemented," board Chairman Gerald E. Connolly (D) told the task force members.

By  |  January 26, 2006; 11:23 AM ET  | Category:  Government , Public Safety , Transportation
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