Continue Discussion Here On School Boundary Changes in Fairfax

Several posts on the subject of proposed school boundary changes have generated a spirited debate and lively discussion on the Fairfax blog. That's a good thing.   At least three discussion threads have been among the most popular on the blog for readers' comments. These are: High School Boundary Changes Meeting Set For Tomorrow Night, Schools Post Info From Springfield Boundary Study and Growth in Students Slowing, Signaling More Boundary Changes.

To make it easier for readers to follow the discussion on this important issue, we have decided to shut down these three discussion threads and ask readers to continue posting their opinions under the single title above, "Continue Discussion Here On School Boundary Changes in Fairfax."

The comments from the previous posts will be kept in the archive. Nothing will be deleted. But going forward, please limit comments about school boundary changes to this single thread.

As always we hope that this forum will provide a space for thoughtful, considered debate and that users will keep a civil tone. We encourage those participating to post under a name and to use the same name each time they post a comment in order to help others direct their responses and to maintain consistency.

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