Outgoing Fairfax Extra Editor To Answer Questions Online

3/2 - Reminder:
The online discussion is today.

On the 5th anniversary of the Washington Post's Fairfax Extra, outgoing Fairfax Extra Editor Stephen C. Fehr will be online Thursday, March 2, at 1 p.m. ET to examine Virginia's Fairfax County.

Submit your questions and comments before or during the discussion.

Fehr will discuss whether Fairfax is turning "blue" or Democratic because of recent election results, the county's inability to assimilate the wave of newcomers who have flooded into Fairfax in the last 20 years, the phenomenon of maturing Fairfax building "up" instead of out, as well as other county issues such as affordable housing and development. He will also field questions and comments about the blog Focus on Fairfax and the issues it covers.

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