Fairfax: The 2006 Guide

An Introduction To The Guide

Trying to make sense of Fairfax?

Join our club.

To help newcomers learn and old-timers discover new possibilities, here's The Guide for 2006.

We know how easy it is to get confused here, because there are about a million people -- more people than seven states have -- and trying to make sense of the governing machinery can be tricky.
The local governments include those of the county and two cities, the City of Fairfax and the City of Falls Church, each with its own idiosyncrasies and treasures.

What you'll find in these pages is our attempt to lead you to old favorites you had not thought of
for a while or to what might become favorites. There's golfing and fishing and biking and walking, just to name a few leisure pursuits.

If you have students in the family, there's a place within the county system for them, the
state's largest (and the country's 12th-largest) school district.

For shoppers, there are stores of major chains, mom and pop establishments, and significant ethnic shopping areas and markets where languages other than English dominate. There's the granddaddy of shopping centers, Tysons Corner, which has one of the largest concentrations of shopping on the East Coast.

If the exercise or the shopping makes you hungry, the area's restaurants offer pretty much any kind of food, traditional or ethnic or takeout. There is plenty of entertainment, from theater, outdoor movies and summer orchestras to some opera and ballet.

This guide should help with a lot of the basic information you need to navigate Fairfax and the region and offer some options for fun, too. Look for the collection of getaways, combinations of road trips and escapes. Maybe these suggestions will help you unwind in some places you didn't know about, places that require less time
on the road -- and gas -- to reach.

This guide is still a work in progress, so we're open to your ideas for next time. To bring you The Guide, the regular features of the Fairfax Extra were suspended this week. Next week, local and regional news, home sales, the
crime watch, the entertainment calendar and all of the other features will return. Also, Dr. Gridlock will be back after a long spring absence.

Here's hoping that you enjoy The Guide and that it helps you enjoy this huge piece of property we share. And look for the Fairfax Extra inside the Home section on other Thursdays.

Editor, Fairfax Extra

By  |  April 28, 2006; 9:51 AM ET
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