Fairfax Detective Dead; Two Wounded, One Badly

Updated 5/31
Today's Metro section reports that police are seeking Michael Kennedy's phone records for evidence that he made threats against the police before the ambush.
Updated 5/26
According to an article in today's Metro section, Michael Kennedy was rebuffed several times when attempting seek help for his mental health.

Updated 5/23
ATF Investigates Parents of Teen in Shooting

Updated 5/19
Friends of Michael Kennedy said he sought help for delusions in the months leading up to his attack on the police station. A front page story in this morning's Washington Post has the details.

Updated 5/12
Attorneys for the Kennedy family released a statement last night saying that the guns stored in the family home were kept under lock and key. Coverage is in this morning's paper.

Updated 5/11
According to a story in today's Metro section story, a police search of the townhouse shared by Michael Kennedy and his family yielded numerous guns and knives as well as other evidence. Meanwhile hundreds of people have paid their respects to Det. Armel at an informal memorial in front of the Sully District police station. And doctors say that Det. Garbarino is showing some signs of improvement.

Updated 5/10
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Today's paper offers us this look at Michael Kennedy's final days and a timeline of the events leading up to Monday's shooting. A gallery of related photos is here.

Michael E. Garbarino, 53, the officer wounded in the shootout, continues to be listed in critical condition according to this article posted this afternoon.

Originally posted 5/9
A Fairfax County police detective was fatally wounded by an armed man who opened fire in the parking lot of the Sully District police station in Chantilly yesterday. The incident spread fear around the area as schools and businesses locked down until well into the evening rush as police searched the area to make sure the gunman was alone. Helicopters hovered overhead; traffic came to a stop. The slain detective was identified as Vicky Armel, 40, of Rappahannock County.

Two unidentified police officers guard a road in front of a police station in Chantilly, Va. where a gunman opened fire Monday afternoon, May 8, 2006. (AP Photo/Caleb Jones)

Two other officers were wounded, one critically, before the shooter, identified as Michael Kennedy, 18, of Centreville died from a gunshot wound during an ensuing shootout with other police officers. The Washington Post story ran on this morning's front page. A second story described the effect of the incident on the normally quiet suburb, just as schools were letting out and rush hour was beginning.

A third article, posted this afternoon, reveals that Kennedy had escaped from a facility where he was being treated for mental health problems last month.

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