More Drilling Urged in Tunnel Study

From today's Metro section:

Additional underground boring needs to be done to determine whether a Metro tunnel underneath Tysons Corner would be feasible, said the head of a panel convened to assist Virginia officials in deciding whether the planned Metro extension to Dulles International Airport should run above or below ground in Tysons.

Panel chairman Robert S. O'Neil, an engineering consultant based in Potomac, said in a conference call with reporters yesterday that the additional soil analysis could be completed in time for the panel's report to the state, which is due in late July.

Virginia Secretary of Transportation Pierce R. Homer asked a national engineering group to convene the panel to help him settle a deep disagreement among members of the Dulles rail project over how to build the four-mile Tysons portion. The contractors for the project say a tunnel would be prohibitively expensive. Fairfax County leaders, Tysons landowners and some Metro officials say it would be less costly than contractors say.

-- Alec MacGillis

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