No Showers, Laundry Allowed at Homeless Shelter?

The Lamb Center, a homeless shelter in Fairfax City operated by Truro Episcopal Church, is in violation of zoning laws because the center has been providing showers and laundry facilities for about 50 people each morning. Read about it in today's Metro section.

In comments responding to the story, readers criticize the city for ordering an end to showers and washing machines. One reader, midnight102699, wrote, "I think these Fairfax City Officials need to leave this church alone. They are doing a service to the community by providing a meal, a shower, and a place for a homeless person to wash their clothes. What is wrong with that? These are acts of kindness, but that will also build the homeless persons self esteem and give them the want to to go get a job and maybe eventually have the money to pay rent."

What do you think?

By  |  July 21, 2006; 9:50 AM ET  | Category:  Government , Human Services
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