8/29 UPDATE: New Wrinkle for Tyson's Metro Tunnel?

Updated 8/29
According to this article some Tysons Corner neighborhood groups like the idea of the tunnel but are expressing serious concerns about the potential costs and the effects a tunnel might have.

Updated 8/18
From today's Metro section:

More Toll Road Money Coveted

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald E. Connolly (D) said that one possible source of additional funding for a rail tunnel at Tysons Corner would be the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and the revenue it will collect from the Dulles Toll Road.

Virginia officials are deciding whether the Metrorail extension to Dulles International Airport should run above or below ground through Tysons. Most agree that a tunnel would be better, but it is unclear how to cover its extra costs, at least $200 million.

Connolly's remarks in an interview Wednesday on Washington Post Radio represented one of the first public suggestions that extra money could come from the airports authority.

The authority is in the process of taking control of the $4 billion project and the toll road and is already expected to cover more than half the rail line's cost with toll revenue.

The authority has said it will be able to pay its share of the rail cost with only modest toll increases. For it to pay more would require higher increases. Connolly has previously voiced concern that the authority would have too much leeway to increase tolls.

Connolly also raised the possibility that the federal government could be persuaded to pay more than the $900 million it is expected to contribute. Another option that has been mentioned is increasing the special tax being assessed on Tysons landowners.

-- Alec MacGillis

Updated 8/1
The newest wrinkle in the constantly evolving Metro through Tysons story? Rival bids to do the work. The story is here.

Updated 7/31
Published in Saturday's paper: A report on a study that strongly recommends a tunnel. An editorial in today's Washington Post agrees.

Updated 7/27
Virginia Congressmen Tom Davis (R) and Frank Wolf (R) are warning that a tunnel through Tysons may raise costs and delay the project, thus endangering federal funding, according to this article from this morning's front page.

Originally Posted 7/26
Under one plan being discussed by landowners and county officials, Tysons Corner property owners might pay higher taxes to put Metrorail underground. Read about it here.

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