Escaped Emu Still on the Lam

From today's Metro section:

If you're passing through Centreville and see an emu, you're not hallucinating.

Three emus escaped from a farm in the 15000 block of Braddock Road Monday, Fairfax County police said yesterday. One of the brown, ostrichlike birds rambled back home that day, and animal control officers found a second not far away, on Chandley Farm Circle just off Braddock Road in western Fairfax.

But the third remained at large. It was last seen yesterday morning near Kamputa and Sully Park drives, a fair distance from the farm.

Police said the emu will probably stay off roads unless scared or cornered, but they warned motorists to be cautious in the Sully area.

Anyone who spots the emu is asked to call animal control at 703-830-1100.

-- Tom Jackman

By Focus on Fairfax |  September 21, 2006; 10:09 AM ET  | Category:  Animals
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