South County School Boundary Study Discussion is Here

Hijacking a blog item to start a discussion thread might achieve your agenda--but it comes at the expense of others who might want to stay on point. Several readers resorted to hijack when we offered the item on the South County Secondary School's history project.

That's not the way we want to run this, and we will shut down a discussion thread if it spins out of control or is hijacked.

We are, though, interested in providing a forum. And we are capable of doing that without having other work corrupted, though the temptation is just to shut off hijackers.

In light of evident interest in the South County Secondary School boundary study here is your opportunity to argue the merits of the various proposals offered in the study. But we have had problems with name-calling and intemperate entries on the school boundary issues before. So keep it civil; ground rules are that you not post anonymously, use the same name each time you post and stick to the merits of the arguments. Comments from unsigned posters and from posters using multiple names will be deleted.

Don't force us to shut down a thread, which we are prepared to do.

By Focus on Fairfax |  October 16, 2006; 10:16 AM ET  | Category:  Schools
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