Mangement Proposals Sought on Herdon Labor Center

From today's Metro section:

The Herndon Town Council has voted to solicit proposals from employment firms interested in operating the town's center for day laborers. The council, which has promised to crack down on illegal immigration, is looking for a firm that will require workers to present documentation proving that they are in the country legally. Project Hope & Harmony, which operates the Herndon Official Workers Center with Reston Interfaith, does not require extensive documentation.

Opponents of the plan warned that it could drive immigrant laborers back to the town's streets to look for work. The center opened in 2005 in response to complaints about workers congregating in a 7-Eleven parking lot near downtown.

"I fear that moving to a new operator who will check eligibility will come with some unexpected consequences," said council member J. Harlon Reece, the only member to vote against the proposal.

Vice Mayor Dennis D. Husch said the council does not oppose immigrants, only those who are in the country illegally. The issue is "those who choose to exploit our goodwill and our nature of giving."

Town officials hope to award the contract in March.

-- Bill Turque

By Focus on Fairfax |  January 12, 2007; 10:54 AM ET  | Category:  Government , Immigration
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