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Maybe he thinks the party will suck, too?
Nearly the entire Fairfax state legislative delegation has RSVP'd for this evening's Board of Supervisors reception in Richmond. One conspicuous exception is Del. David Albo (R-Springfield), who didn't win many friends on the board when he announced last month that the county's current form of government "sucks."
This was by way of introducing a bill (HJ 654) directing the board to examine whether changes are needed. Albo would like to see the board chairman given executive powers, along the lines of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, able to introduce a budget and veto legislation.
"Our current form of government in Fairfax sucks, for lack of a better word,' Albo told The Examiner. "It's the same form of government as when it was a dairy farm county." Albo believes the county's nine magisterial districts are operated by supervisors "like little fiefdoms."
Board Chairman Gerald E. Connolly, who loves talking about how wonderful Fairfax government is and who served on a commission in the early nineties that studied this question (it decided everything was fine) bristled the other day at the mention of Albo.
"It is somewhat stunning and breathtaking to see Mr. Albo at work," Connolly said.
Albo said he regrets the choice of words. "I probably shouldn't have said that in public," he said Monday.
The bill is dead for this session, interred in the House Committee on Rules. But Albo says he plans to read the report of the 1992-93 commission, headed by former Gov. Linwood Holton, and will decide whether to try again next year.
As for the reception, Albo said: "I don't really have time to do receptions."
--Bill Turque

By Bill Turque |  February 13, 2007; 10:15 AM ET  | Category:  Politics
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