UPDATE 3/29: McLean High Students File Suit Against Database Co.

Updated 3/29
Two students at the school, who object to their papers being archived by a company that profits by using them to prevent future cheating by other students, have sued for $900,000 in damages. The report is in today's Metro section.

Updated 10/4
School officials have announced that current seniors and juniors will not have their work archived in the anti-plagiarism database, but freshmen and sophomores will and the 11th and 12th graders will be forced to take part in coming years. Some of the student protesters say that is still not good enough. Here is the story from today's paper.

Originally posted 9/22
The students at the school say that use of the database makes an presumption of guilt and violates their intellectual property rights by copying and storing their work. The news story is on today's front page.

By Focus on Fairfax |  March 29, 2007; 10:30 AM ET  | Category:  Schools
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