The 2007 Guide

Today marks the publication of the Washington Post's fourth annual community guide, zoned in your local Extra to give you the best information about the places we live, work and play. Today's Fairfax Extra is the one you want to make sure doesn't go out with the recycling. Rather, you might want to put it aside with other informational reference material like your road maps or telephone directories, you'll want to refer to it all year long.

And if you don't subscribe to the print edition of the Post, newsstand copies sold in Fairfax locations will carry the guide as well. And a limited number of copies of the Guide are also available at locations throughout the county like the Fairfax County Government Center, the Fairfax County Visitors Center, and the offices of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

By Focus on Fairfax |  April 26, 2007; 11:31 AM ET  | Category:  Misc.
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