Taco Bell Robber Posed as Health Inspector

From today's Metro section:

A man in a suit and tie and posing as a health inspector took notes as he toured a Taco Bell in the Falls Church area Wednesday afternoon and then locked an employee in an office and robbed the restaurant.
Fairfax County police said yesterday that the man showed up at the Taco Bell at 8200 Lee Hwy. about 1:30 p.m., identified himself as an inspector, observed the food items and commented on the storage conditions. Then, when he said he wanted to write his report in the restaurant's office, he locked the door with the employee inside and demanded money, implying he had a gun, police said.
But there was no money in the office, so the man took some other property, which police would not describe, and ran down the street and into another restaurant. No one was hurt, and no gun was shown. The robber was described as a white man about 35 years old, with blond hair and hazel eyes and wearing a dark green suit, white shirt and blue tie. He did not leave a business card.
-- Tom Jackman

By Focus on Fairfax |  July 13, 2007; 10:10 AM ET  | Category:  Crime
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