Fairfax City Calls For Water Restrictions

With the area's drought continuing to worsen, Fairfax City has imposed voluntary restictions of water usage and has issued a press release:

City of Fairfax Imposes Water Restrictions
FAIRFAX -- Due to very low levels of water in the City of Fairfax's water reservoirs, the city will commence voluntary water restrictions beginning at 8 a.m. Friday, October 5. The water restrictions will remain in effect until reservoirs are restored or until rainfall patterns return to normal.
The city joins several other jurisdictions in this action, including Loudoun County, a city water customer already on water restrictions for several months that recently moved to more stringent mandatory restrictions. Other jurisdictions throughout Virginia also are affected, including Leesburg, Stafford County, and Virginia Beach, Caroline County, the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. The situation is so dire that restrictions are being discussed at the state level.
To ensure that the water supply remains adequate to serve city needs, the city asks residents to refrain voluntarily from these water uses:
o watering lawns and shrubs; o washing automobiles (except commercial car washes that recycle their water); o using water-demanding amenities such as ornamental ponds or pools; and o wasting domestic or household water through misuse or plumbing leaks
Residents also are asked to not use hoses or sprinkler systems to water large areas of their properties. However, they may water small areas with water containers (such as watering cans).
Residents also are asked to practice easy and sensible water conservation, such as turning off water when not in use while shaving or brushing teeth. Also consider taking shorter showers and using the dishwasher or washing machine only with a full load.
All city water customers are subject to these same water-saving measures.
If the drought continues, the city will consider using additional enforcement measures to reduce the demand on the water supply. However, during this current voluntary restriction phase, the city will not issue tickets or citations for water use.
To alert the public, the city also will install signs in neighborhoods October 5. Additional information will be available on the city's Web site; on Cityscreen-12, the city's television station; on 1650 AM, the city's radio station.
The length of the water restriction depends on the region's water conditions, including rainfall and reservoir levels. In 1998 and 1999, drought conditions in the city required voluntary water restrictions for about nine months.
The city owns and operates its own water supply system, consisting of two reservoirs and a water treatment plant on Goose Creek and Beaver Dam Creek in Loudoun County. The system is interconnected with neighboring systems and the city should have a sufficient daily supply to meet demand during the drought. Nonetheless, all municipalities and their residents should conserve as much water as possible during this period.
For more information, call the City of Fairfax Utilities Department at 703-385-7920.

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