UPDATE 2/29: Army Narrows BRAC Alternatives

Updated 2/29
Two Alexandria locations and the General Services location in Springfield are still in the running to get the jobs moving from Fort Belvoir. Read the latest in this article from this week's Fairfax Extra.

Updated 12/17
An article on with more details and analysis of what local and regional changes can be expected be of BRAC shuffles was in yesterday's Metro section.

Updated 11/30
The latest on the increasingly stiff competition to lure the jobs originally planned for Fort Belvoir is in this story from today's Metro section.

Updated 10/11
The plan to shift some BRAC jobs from Fort Belvoir jobs to Springfield is facing a challenge from a private property owner of 16 acres along Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria. Lee District Supervisor T. Dana Kauffman (D) calls the Alexandria proposal a "rigged deal." Read about it in this article from today's front page.

Updated 8/27
The neighborhoods around the Mixing Bowl could see significant commercial benefits from the Army's decision last month. Today's Business section has an article that takes a look at the possibilities.

Updated 7/30
Cautious optimism from Springfield officials and residents is greeting the news that most of the new BRAC jobs will now be placed within walking distance of the Franconia-Springfield Metro station. The story is here.

Updated 7/27
According to this front page story in today's Washington Post, the U.S. Army has agreed to cut by 10,000 the number of jobs it plans to move to Fort Belvoir and the nearby Engineering Proving Ground. Those workers will now be moved to a location in Springfield.

Originally posted 7/9
A final environmental review of the U.S. Army's plan to relocate 22,000 workers to Fort Belvoir and the nearby proving ground was released on Friday and indicated that the Army fully intends to move ahead with the plan. Local officials continue to say that the idea is simply unworkable less significant transportation improvements are made first, something which to date, the Army has not budgeted for. The news is here.

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