UPDATE: 2/14: Woman Shot Over Car Keys

Update 2/14
The latest on the October murder of Joan M. Gillinson is here.

Updated 12/21
Kevin C. Kline, the 18-year-old Woodbridge man who is suspected in the murder of Gillinson, was sentenced to five years in prison for another attack for which he was free on bail at the time Gillinson was killed. The judge in the case has tendered his resignation from the bench. Today's Metro section has the story.

Update 10/22
The victim in the fatal shooting linked to last week's bus standoff has been identified as Joan M. Gillinson, 60 of Alexandria. This article from Saturday's Metro section has more.

Updated 10/19
The suspect in Wednesday's standoff and in the killing of a woman whose body was found nearby, was free on bond awaiting sentencing on an assault conviction. The news is here.

Originally posted 10/18
Fairfax County police shut down Route 1 in Hybla Valley yesterday after an armed man boarded a Fairfax Connector bus and threatened to kill himself or police. A woman's body was found nearby in Huntley Meadows Park and police are investigating a likely connection between the incidents. The standoff ended after four hours when the man surrendered peacefully. The story is in today's Metro section.

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