UPDATE 3/25: Huntington Still Ineligible for Flood Dollars, Other Areas Qualify

Updated 3/25
Under the Army Corps of Engineers calculus, Huntington remains ineligible for aid, but other nearby neighborhoods qualify leading some Huntington residents to ponder the rationale for determining which neighborhoods are worth protecting. The news is here.

Updated 11/20
According to a story in today's Metro section, the county will have to look elsewhere than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for money for measures to prevent a recurrence of the Huntington flooding; the project won't qualify for federal funding.

Originally posted 6/25
As the victims of the damaging flood waters that hit Huntington one year ago today celebrate their neighborhood's comeback, some wonder when the disaster may repeat itself, even as local leaders ponder how to prevent such an occurrence.

A flood wall along Cameron Run may help, but is expensive. Dredging the stream is another potential solution and less expensive, but needs to be repeated periodically. And for any solution, who pays? Read the story in today's Metro section.

By Focus on Fairfax |  March 25, 2008; 8:37 AM ET  | Category:  Environment , Neighborhoods , Weather
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