UPDATE 4/28: Increased Crime Linked to Empty Houses

Updated 4/28

According to this article from yesterday's Washington Post the increasing number of home foreclosures is leading to another problem: crime. Empty houses seem to be drawing criminals, who use them as havens and hideouts and as targets for vandalism.

Updated 3/10
It could be characterized as a case of exchanging one suburban blight for another according to this story from yesterday's Metro section as some houses that were once overcrowded illegal boarding houses until the county began more strict enforcement of zoning laws, are now in foreclosure and standing empty and ill-maintained.

Updated 8/23
According to this article from this morning's Metro section, county officials say that progress, though slow, is being made with regard to overcrowded houses an other sources of zoning violations.

Updated 6/8
The county today announced the first of a series of court cases that they plan to make against homeowners suspected of violations of the county's codes regarding how homeowners may or may not use their houses. The news is here.

Originally posted 4/6
According to this article from today's Metro section, Board of Supervisors Chairman Gerald E. Connolly (D) is proposing a strike force to enforce violations of zoning regulations in residential areas, including the statutes that prevent more than four unrelated people living under the same roof.

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