Plans Go Awry

Sometimes the best organized schedule goes awry. I had every intention of getting to the Sonia Rykiel 40th anniversary show this evening... even though it was on the outskirts of Paris and scheduled to begin at 10:30 p.m. Why? Because I am an intrepid reporter. But alas, tardy shows and writing duties got in the way.

So here I am, with nothing to tell you other than the macaroons at the Dries Van Noten show this afternoon were especially splendid. I did hear that one editor at the show was so moved that she went immediately to the Dries store to buy a dress. Didn't matter that she was actually swooning over the spring 2009 collection. She apparently needed a Dries fix right away.

A Thai princess at the Givenchy show in Paris.

The Givenchy show was this evening and I will be telling you all about that in a story scheduled to run on Friday. But I will say now that I'm worried that the really splendid collection the designer had for fall 2008 was some sort of aberration. His inspiration for spring was cowboys and the West and, well, I just would have thought there might have been one person on the Givenchy design team who might have spoken up and said that perhaps it was a bad idea, that it was a stretch for a brand founded on principles such as urbane chicness and little black dresses. But I just report on this stuff. I'm not sketching and draping.

While at the show, I kept staring at the LVMH executives in the house. That's the parent company. I was trying to see if they would drop that look of "Isn't it just splendid" to reveal some sense that they understood how hard it was going to be to peddle this stuff at a sorry economic time like this. But they maintained their poker faces. Is there some sort of drug that can plaster a poker face on your mug? Is there a pill? Because heaven knows I need to take it. I find it hard to mask my dismay when a model comes marching down the runway with a big acrylic bow on the top of her head. Wha???

The audience was a dreamscape of kookiness, by the way. My favorite was the woman in the forest green patent leather dress and dangerously high heels. She was a walking fetish. How do you maneuver in a patent leather dress without creaking?

Also at Givenchy was a very pretty woman in a fuchsia satin dress and jeweled shoes. I was told by the PR rep at Givenchy that she was a Thai princess. It's not often that I'm in the presence of royalty - the real kind, not the attitudinal kind - so I figured I'd record the moment. If I were royal, I'm not sure I'd be shopping the Paris runways for faux chaps a la Givenchy. But maybe there's some Thai tradition that requires high-priced cowboy gear that I don't know about.


By Robin Givhan |  October 2, 2008; 9:58 AM ET Paris
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love your commentary, robin - it's brilliant. :-)

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