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Chat With The Eye!

By Ed O'Keefe

You know you're a certified star when they start booking you as a Live Discussion guest. On Thursday The Eye hosted the daily Post Politics Hour. Read the whole chat here or review some of the best questions below:

Fairfax, Va.: There's been a lot of talk about Obama bringing in old Clinton hands to fill out his White House staff. Some liberals gripe about this because they don't want Obama's presidency to be Clinton's "third term." But how many of these former Clinton advisers are actually loyal to former President Clinton above all versus say, being the best person on the left for the job?

Ed O'Keefe: Good question. The one name that comes to mind almost immediately is Greg Craig, who will serve as Obama's White House counsel, and defended President Clinton during the impeachment trail. He attended Yale Law School at the same time as Bill and Hillary Clinton, but actively supported Obama's presidential efforts, almost from the start. (Make sure to read the opening chapter of Newsweek's "How He Did It" series that describes Craig's support in great detail.)

As for the others, the consensus thus is that Obama's selections are qualified and worthy of the post. In the case of Tom Daschle, he was a Congressional leader during the Clinton years. He's since worked on health care issues and Obama called him out for his work during the campaign.

Lancaster, Pa.: I know reporters are dying for any scrap of info they can get, but why all this attention on leaks? It's great that the Obama team was able to keep tight-lipped before Nov. 4, but transitioning is different from campaigning. And I for one am more interested in the NAMES being leaked than the actual leaking itself. I know why reporters care, but why should readers?

Ed O'Keefe: You're right, you may not have a good reason to care. We all care about the names, but for those of us in Media World we want to be the first with the news, and want to figure out who's leaking so we make sure to talk to them first... or maybe send flowers... or call them on their birthday, so that next time they'll leak the info to us first!


Indianapolis, Ind.: O'Keefe is here, he's better than beer! (Sorry, couldn't resist that old Canadian ale jingle.)

My question: Why doesn't the Senate vote on the auto bailout, even if there's not enough support? I'd like to see every senator on record so we'll know which ones are responsible for not stopping the hemorrhaging of millions of jobs.

Ed O'Keefe: Your eagerness to see a vote is exactly why they won't vote for it!

And yes, I AM better than beer :-)


Albany, N.Y.: How do non-Washington residents get considered for Plum list jobs?

Ed O'Keefe: Aha! The Plum Book! Thanks for the reference to an item I wrote about in my new blog.

Several non-Washington residents have been considered for jobs listed: Janet Napolitano will likely be the next secretary of homeland security, former Obama campaign aide David Axelrod will be a senior advisor, as will Valerie Jarrett. Notice a trend however? They're all well-connected folks. If I know anything about Washington, it's that it's not about what you know, it's who you know!

(My dad, Mr. O'Keefe, was treated like a celebrity when he attended the University of Toronto in the 70s, because everyone thought he was the beer heir. Sadly, no relations.)


Harrisburg, Pa.: So Ed -- I hear that you have a new blog coming out? And more importantly I hear that you plan to be blogging on your trip this weekend -- dedicated to this new blog huh?

Perhaps you should put down the laptop and grab a fruity drink -- one with an umbrella in it please!

Ed O'Keefe: Hmm... I think I know this person... I shall not be blogging on my four-day-weekend to Puerto Rico, but will instead enjoy several drinks... of the fruity and non-fruity variety.

By Ed O'Keefe  | November 20, 2008; 3:42 PM ET
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Great start, Ed. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: PBRENNE | November 20, 2008 3:55 PM | Report abuse

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