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Friday Feedback: a photo ban, pay freezes, energy bills and 'don't ask, don't tell'

By Ed O'Keefe

Reader responses to some the week's most popular items. The thoughts posted here are the opinions of the Federal Eye fans who made them and theirs alone. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below:

Regarding President Obama's decision to freeze the pay of top officials...

"While this goofy move is going to make a whole bunch of gullible Americans feel really good, its impact on the nation's financial situation is not even a fly speck. Goes to prove how financially illiterate Barack Obama is. He just wants you to feel good, so he can go on with his insanity. The guy is not only incompetent, he is nutso."
-- RightStuff
Those in favor of cutting pay for federal employees, forget that when times are good federal employees do not get the big raises that their counterparts in the private sector get. In fact, I could be making substantially more money in private sector but choose to stay in federal service for the security and benefits (which those in the private sector could have if they unionized). I'd also like to add if you cut federal employees salary (which is lower than private sector already), the government will not be able to attract top talent. I've been in government for over a year and worked in private sector for 8. Let me tell you, I've met some really hard working people in government and seen some lazy people too, but guess what, I saw the SAME THING in the private sector.
-- dkinmd

Regarding the National Archive's new ban on photos taken by tourists...

Seems dumb, but I'm more annoyed at the idiots who can't be bothered to turn their flashes off. I bet it's the same folks who use flashes at sports and concerts. They don't work people.
-- EricS2
It doesnt seem to me like this is just a ploy to get more people in the gift shop. Flash photography is a major detriment to conservation of art and documents all over the world. Personally I think we're lucky that the documents in the National Archives are on display for the public to see in the first place. If they displayed a copy then there'd be no reason to go there. You could get the same experience from Google.
-- apbove

Regarding a Senate hearing seeking ideas on how to cut the federal government's energy bill...

I propose easing the dress code in July and August when it's hottest. For those of us whose jobs require/suggest suits and ties or nice dresses, it would be a welcome relief to be able to come to work in casual clothes like polo shirts, khakis, light tops and skirts. Individual offices would no longer need to be freezing to keep us comfortable. Plus it would set an example for business and perhaps launch a nation-wide "summer casual" movement.
-- econgrrl
Go to a standard four ten hour day work week. Everybody works the same four days thus shuttering buildings for three days instead of two. The extra two hours per day would not increase energy use as a large percentage of buildings are in use by employees for far longer than 10 hours a day.
-- dem4life1
How about more efficient buildings? Currently I feel a draft coming from my window (not kidding) and it requires my heater (ancient heater with dirty coils) to run constantly. If this were my own home, I would have replaced both the heater and the windows decades ago. How about only leaving computers on at night one day a week for IT updates?
-- ashdaleuf

On gay rights groups mobilizing for a repeal of "don't ask, don't tell"...

The only problem with doing away with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is housing. If Obama is going to push to do away with it, then he must also see to funding for separate housing for heterosexual troops and homosexual troops. There would be outrage if heterosexual female soldiers were made to permanently share barracks and showers with heterosexual men (who might enjoy the view or take liberties). Is there no right to personal modesty in this country?
-- Georgetowner1
If this in fact moves forward then the Service Chiefs have no choice but to resign in mass. If Obama persists then he should be impeached for moral corruption.
-- KBlit
If Obama feels so strongly about this position, Why doesn't he just sign an executive order? Is'nt that what Harry Truman did when he signed Executive Order 9981. The problem with Obama is he does not have the guts just make this happen.
-- mike83631

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below

By Ed O'Keefe  | January 29, 2010; 10:00 AM ET
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