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Friday Feedback: SEC porn scandal; 'SNL' mocks government workers; big vs. small government; border security

By Ed O'Keefe

A sampling of some of the comments from this week's most popular Federal Eye items. The thoughts expressed below do not represent the views of The Federal Eye or The Washington Post:

Regarding new details in the SEC porn scandal...

So, the entire freaking economy melts down on the SEC's watch, and nobody's scandalized. But looking at nekkid pictures, now THAT we get all up in arms about. -- 12008N1
So 13 people were fired-ish. However no one was actually fired. Well that works for me. Hopefully in their next positions those 13 people will not watch porn at work. -- Nymous
I need more information. If the employees were consistently seeking out un-debateable porn day in and day out (and disabling their porn filters), then that is a problem. If they were surfing the web one day and came across an isolated nude event, then I am more sympathetic. -- wwc4g

About that "Saturday Night Live" skit that mocked government workers...

It would have stung a lot more if the skit itself had been funny. But this skit, combined with the recent Pew report on lack of trust in government, illustrates the perception of government not being able to get things done is quite pervasive, especially when you get out of the Beltway bubble. Such a shame, given the thousands of dedicated public servants across all levels of government who operate in the exact opposite manner portrayed in the skit. -- dslunceford
The government is an employer no different than a corporation. It requires people to make it function. The private sector has some of the laziest, rudest employees, and so does the government. It is the nature of people, not government. I happen to know doctors, architects, lawyers and chemists who work for the government. Would you expect these public servants to be paid the same wages, as say, a worker in the private sector that did not graduate high school? -- concernedaboutdc
How appropriate. Millionaire actors mock people with multiple college degrees who make an average of $50k per year. Never mind that most public servants work in high risk jobs like law enforcement, the military, or emergency rescue. They also work with the public as teachers, librarians, and postal workers, which is never easy to do. -- AxelDC
I'm a federal employee and I saw the skit. One it wasn't funny; and two there wasn't an ounce of truth in it. Maybe it was referring to State and/or Local Government, because I've been an employee in the federal service for over 30 years, and I've never experience massive non-productivity. -- Beingsensible

Regarding the new Post-ABC News poll question about the size of government...

You must be polling DC residents!! Out in the real world that will be about 80-20 favoring big government. People are so sick of paying huge taxes and getting nothing but government caught with their pants down when crisis hits. Like the coal mine disaster. Where where were all the Fed and State bueraucrats while this was building up?? Close all those big buildings in DC and get on with our lives. -- cdorbg
This is one of many oft repeated really stupid poll questions that are on the order of 'would you rather be fat or skinny' without identifying what the respondent would do to reach the desired result. save your polling money and ask something worthwhile. -- tedri50
Everyone wants smaller government until their program gets cut. Let's begin with farm welfare. -- jckdoors

Regarding U.S. border security efforts...

What there's really no appetite for, on ANY pandering politician's part, is to do the one thing that would solve the root cause of the illegal immigration problem: taking enforcement action against EMPLOYERS who hire undocumented workers. -- 12008N1
What's going on at the border? The international drug war the U.S. fought so hard to eradicate from Columbia has moved way too close for comfort. We can blame the cartels but the conditions that made this possible are US policies - the eternal game of wac-a-mole US drug law enforcement engages in. Once the violence in Juarez subsides the best case senario is that the war moves somewhere else, not that it ends. -- CaliTex

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By Ed O'Keefe  | April 30, 2010; 2:00 PM ET
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