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Friday Feedback: Mother of 2nd grader; TSA agent suspended; federal pay cuts

By Ed O'Keefe

A sampling of some of the comments from this week's most popular Federal Eye items. The thoughts expressed below do not represent the views of The Federal Eye or The Washington Post:

Regarding news that the mother of the second grader who questioned Michelle Obama won't face action:

Thanks goodness the federal government has enough sense and compassion to make clear that the little girl and her mother will not be deported. Can you imagine the front page news stories all over the world when the U.S. government arrests a mother and child because the 7 year old spoke to the First Lady and revealed that her mother was illegal? We are a better country than that!! -- gary16
Clearly we are all mistaken. Here I thought America lived under a rule of law. I guess that only applies to American citizens and not illegals. So, let me get this straight. The Obama's believe that if I break the law like not paying taxes, etc. I should be prosecuted. But if I break the law as an illegal alien, that's OK because we feel sorry for people who break that particular law. Interesting way for a former law professor to look at the law. Laws are only to be obeyed by those of us who were born here or arrived legally. -- Daisy5
Wow - yeah, let's take the "testimony" of a 2nd grader as "solid law enforcement." Come on folks. Do you understand that ICE can't begin to work all of the leads they have to remove illegal aliens? Do you want them going after this (likely legal) child's mother (who may or may not be illegal) or going after known and suspected criminals? -- t8tet8te

About lawmakers questioning a lease for the US. Census Bureau at a building owned by a group associated with a mosque:

I salute the authors here for factually reporting on what has transpired...but have the readers bothered to read what the authors wrote? No, once again it's knee jerk reactionism to blame everything on the President - do you really think the President had anything to do with the leasing of space for a temporary census office? The Republican lawmakers here should be ashamed of themselves...anything to get their names in the news! -- vagaf31

Regarding the TSA agent suspended and charged with stealing cash from a wheelchair-bound woman:

Stealing from a woman in a wheel chair! If convicted, one of his hands should be cut off. As a humanitarian gesture, he should be allowed to choose which hand goes on the chopping block. -- VelaFella
23 cases in 2-3 years is not very many considering the volume they do and the number of TSA employees (40,000+ with significant turnover). If they increased TSA salaries and had a stronger background check, they might reduce this. But remember, you will find corruption in every company, government and outfit.TSA is a whipping boy; most employees are great. -- oliverfine

Regarding the possibility of Obama asking for a federal pay cut:

Congress will never approve a pay cut, especially in an election year. They may wait until after the elections and then try to slip one in if a number of them are not re-elected. I would anticipate a pay freeze long before a cut. -- Govt
Federal employees don't need a pay cut, they need a Reduction In Force (RIF). When a private sector company overspends its revenue, they RIF people. How come the federal and state guys are different? Hey Congress, forget "starve the beast" and just "RIF the Beast." -- efg2
Brilliant - cut the pay of the single largest work force in the country. That will really get the economy moving, with less money out there being spent. Wait a minute... -- adkinsaj1

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By Ed O'Keefe  | May 21, 2010; 12:00 PM ET
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I do not usually consider, unlike many others, that the Post in general or Mr. O'Keefe in particular, are biased in their reporting. In this case, however, I note that the overwhelming majority of comments were negative concerning the decision to give the illegal mother of the 2nd grader a pass, while two out of the three highlighted comments were positive. This gives a WHOLLY inaccurate picture of the debate to the casual reader. Shame on you.

Posted by: GoinPostal84 | May 22, 2010 7:02 PM | Report abuse

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