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Chat With The Eye: Super Duper Tuesday; Elena Kagan; John McCain, George W. Bush, Rand Paul and Brooks and Dunn

By Ed O'Keefe

Tuesday's Post Politics Hour took a decidedly political bent as dozens of primaries are held on this Super Duper Tuesday. Read highlights of the chat below:

Politics Hour

Newton Co., Ark.: Maybe I wasn't paying as much attention, but I remember state primaries being as big story as they are today.

I kind of think it's not so much that they are more newsworthy, but cable news noticed that their ratings go up and political bloggers noticed their traffic goes up during elections so they just keep trying to recreate that.

Ed O'Keefe: Arkansas, I think you mean to say that primaries were NOT as big a story in the past?

I think you're right -- cable networks and news Web sites saw the huge ratings and readership spikes during the 2008 campaign and are trying to feed that interest this time 'round too.

Plus -- you have several interesting candidates, tight races and an historic and obvious anti-incumbent environment that could spell the end of several storied political careers.


Ithaca, N.Y.: I'm not a fan of this "Show More Emotion" narrative stuff from the talking heads.

But I think one that would hurt the President is that he seems to get more upset with talking heads then he ever got at BP and the rest of the oil industry. I mean he wanted to be reasonable after the leak happen and that's good, but him seeming so upset about his negative coverage is another thing.

Ed O'Keefe: Ithaca, we don't get to see the reported anger at BP and oil industry officials on camera -- only the anger he shares on camera when he's asked by reporters.

I will say that this morning's fantastic "Today Show" interview did seem to have the president focused a bit too much on the process questions of his anger and how his administration has reacted. Instead of feeding that narrative he should have shifted focus back to the Gulf, pointing out the deaths of 11, the untold economic impact to millions more and make it clear he's not concerned about process questions and much more concerned about cleaning up the mess and the communities impacted.


Arlington, Va.: As more paperwork comes out about Elena Kagen, do you think she has baggage to carry into the judicial hearings? Between the military recruitment and the federal campaign issue, do you think they justify a NO vote on the Republican side? Compared to the 22 votes against John Roberts, including Obama, do you think 22 or more Republican "no's" would set the stage for a more judicious choice if there is another vacant seat on the Supreme Court in the next 2 years?

Ed O'Keefe: Now if that isn't a loaded question, I don't know what is.

I'll say this: Nothing released thus far has raised enough anger/outrage/concern on either side of the political spectrum as to force her confirmation back onto the front pages. Remember that Kagan was already thoroughly vetted by both sides when she was under consideration last year for the Supreme Court seat and when she was nominated and confirmed for solicitor general.

Certainly fringe special interest groups will try to make light of something in her previous statements and writings, but as of now, it's probably not enough to derail the nomination.


Campaign Music: Why can't GOP candidates get permission from the artists before using music in their campaigns? George Bush, John McCain, and now Rand Paul have all used music without permission and have had the owners of the copyright either sue them or send cease and desist letters to stop it. Seems those who campaign on property rights should be a bit more careful to respect property rights. Seems to me an enterprising reporter might look into this and give us a report . . . no, they're all Republicans, can't work in that equivalency argument so you can show you're fair and balanced.

Ed O'Keefe: All I know Campaign Music is that I witnessed a fantastic, free Brooks and Dunn rehearsal and then performance on the floor of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. As a country music fan, it was awesome.

I also know that B&D sat in the VIP box with George H.W. and Barbara Bush. So some musicians certainly allow the use of their music, while others do not.

Playing a song at a public, free campaign event is a tough thing. Certainly if an artist steps in and says "don't play my music," a campaign is compelled to stop doing so, if only for the bad PR.


Supertown, USA: What is the official title of today, since "Super Tuesday" was already used for this season.

"The Next Super Tuesday?"

"Duper Tuesday"

"June Jamboree"


Ed O'Keefe: I've seen Super Duper Tuesday, but I LOVE June Jamboree.

We could regionalize and call some of them the "South Carolina Smackdown," the "Las Vegas Showdown" or the "Little Rock Rumble."

Read the full chat and leave your thoughts in the comments section below

By Ed O'Keefe  | June 8, 2010; 12:13 PM ET
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