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Friday Feedback: Obama's memos; Peter Orszag's war on computers; a 'Drudge Tax'; Postal boss out

By Ed O'Keefe

A sampling of some of the comments from this week's most popular Federal Eye items. The thoughts expressed below do not represent the views of The Federal Eye or The Washington Post:

Regarding a wave of memos from President Obama...

When Obama history is written (with the exception of fauning liberals like Doris Kerns Goodwin who will revise it), Obama will be judged as a posturing mediocrity, at best. -- big1
Obama is not worth these keystrokes I have entered that were captured by my OS and sent to your server. He is slowly fading into oblivion as fewer and fewer pay any attention to what he says. -- vikings4123

Regarding Peter R. Orszag's war on government computers...

Agree completely. I'm typing this on an XP machine with Office 2003. It has IE 7, which I just got. I will be refreshed in a month but IE 7 stays and they haven't yet admitted what the OS will be. -- ronjaboy
I'm using IE 6 here in my agency. Nearly every time I go to a webpage, I get a message that the site no longer supports my browser. A bit old... -- matt731
I think Orszag is wrong in thinking that technological devices or technology can improve the work of federal agencies. It is true that technology helps in improving productivity but it also distracts us with flood of unnecessary information. Emails have a tendency to pile up without adding the the understanding or resolving the problems. It was not long ago that many companies practiced "no email" days and asked employees to talk to their colleagues in person or on phone and discuss the problem/s. Recently I also came across research on how contemporary technology is actually disabling us. -- shripadd

On the dismissal of a Postal Service official after an argument with a female colleague...

These types of aberrant, and bullying behaviors are present at all levels of postal management.It is condoned at the highest level and those who display these toxic behaviors are frequently promoted. Why does not the main stream media, including the Washington Post, do a series of articles on the toxic workplace environments that are created by an authoritarian and paramilitary postal culture? -- musaccosteve
It is amazing, there is so much abuse in the Postal Service and nobody wants to speak up in fear of losing their jobs!! They are launching an internal investigation, is a joke. The abuse is accepted and expected by the big shots in district, they are guilty of abusing those under them. There should be hidden cameras placed in the Mid Carolina district. It is barbaric the way they are talked to, and humiliated. -- jackd891
I have no problem with anyone getting a job if they are qualified. Part of the problem in the USPS is an organization called A-Plus, which places these people in positions which they are not qualified for in the first place, based on skin color only. Someone in the media please check out the stats of the promotions in the USPS over the past 5 years based on race. Place the best qualified people in all positions and a lot of these problems would disappear. -- CRFisher1

On the suggestions that the government is pushing a "Drudge Tax"...

It's not hard to fathom that the FTC is as ignorant of the Internet as is Rupert Murdoch. Having Google, Huffington Post, or Drudge reference your content is GOLD! It gets people to your site who otherwise may never have bothered. It gives your display ads a lot more impressions, faster. -- kemp13
The FTC needs to stay out of this. Why punish sites that are successful and effective in order to prop up media that is failing? I agree with kemp13 that the aggregators are actually doing other sites a favor by directing people to them who otherwise wouldn't have given them a look. Another case of government overreach. -- Lilycat1
Whether they are or are not is irrelevant....Drudge will push it like they are 100% doing it to scare people. -- Bious

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By Ed O'Keefe  | June 11, 2010; 12:00 PM ET
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