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D.C. snow emergency begins at 9 a.m.

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Saturday afternoon, District officials lifted the snow emergency that had been in effect for much of last week. However, with more snow headed into the Washington region Monday, a new snow emergency takes effect at 9 a.m. Any vehicles parked on snow emergency routes need to be relocated, or the owners risk having the vehicle towed, which incurs a $250 fine, a $100 towing fee and a minimum impound fee of $25.

With Monday being the Presidents' Day holiday, the declaration of a snow emergency adds a complication for workers who may drive to work and plan on parking on the street in anticipation of the suspension of on-street parking rules.

Officials with the District Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works planned to begin deploying snow crews at 8 a.m. Monday to begin pre-treatment on major roads, bridges, ramps, and hilly streets.

Around the District over the weekend, crews with heavy equipment, including front-end loaders, worked to clear lanes of snow in advance of today's precipitation and to avoid a repeat of Friday's commute when many streets were gridlocked in part due to the presence of piles of snow in travel lanes.

"Our goal was to get every roadway cleared as soon as humanly possible," said DDOT Director Gabe Klein in a statement. "We have cleared many of our major travel routes on which travel lanes were blocked by large snow piles making commuting into and out of the city difficult. Those lanes have been reopened but with this new storm travel will again be slow and challenging."

Snow emergency routes

  • I-66 - D.C Line to Whitehurst Freeway and ramps
  • I-295 - D.C Line to and across both 11th St. Bridges to the Southeast Freeway and ramps
  • I-395 - D.C Line to New York Avenue (including HOV Lanes)
  • Alabama Avenue, S.E. - Branch Avenue to Suitland Road
  • Anacostia Freeway - 11th St., S.E. Bridges to East Capitol St.
  • Arizona Avenue, N.W. - Canal Road to Loughboro Road
  • Benning Road - Bladensburg Road, N.E. to Southern Avenue, S.E.
  • Bladensburg Road, N.E. - Benning Road to Eastern Avenue
  • Blair Road, N.W. - North Capitol Street to Eastern Avenue
  • Branch Avenue, S.E. - Pennsylvania Avenue to Southern Avenue
  • Brentwood Parkway, N.E. - Penn Street to New York Avenue
  • Brentwood Road, N.E. - T Street to Rhode Island Avenue
  • C Street, N.E. - North Carolina Ave. to East Capitol Street
  • Canal Road, N.W. - M Street to Chain Bridge
  • Cathedral Avenue, N.W. - Rock Creek Park to Connecticut Avenue
  • Chain Bridge, N.W.
  • Clermont Drive, N.E. - Hawaii Avenue to Harewood Road
  • Columbia Road, N.W. - Michigan Avenue to 16th Street (north side only)
  • Connecticut Avenue N.W. - K Street to Western Avenue
  • Constitution Avenue - 23rd Street, N.W. to North Carolina Ave., N.E.
  • Dalecarlia Parkway, N.W. - Massachusetts Avenue to Loughboro Road
  • E Street (North), N.W. - 18th Street to Virginia Avenue
  • E Street (South), N.W. - 17th Street to 20th Street to Potomac River Freeway
  • E Street Expressway, N.W. - 20th Street to Rock Creek Parkway
  • East Capitol Street - including ramp A on the north and from Independence Avenue
  • (on the south) to Southern Avenue
  • Eastern Avenue, N.E. - Kenilworth Avenue to Minnesota Avenue
  • Florida Avenue - H Street, N.E. to 9th Street, N.W.
  • Florida Avenue, N.W. - U Street to 22nd Street
  • Foxhall Road, N.W. - Loughboro Road to Canal Road
  • Georgia Avenue, N.W. - Florida Avenue to Eastern Avenue
  • Good Hope Road, S.E. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue to Alabama Avenue
  • H Street - Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. to Benning Road, N.E.
  • Harvard Street, N.W. / Hobart Place, N.W. - 5th Street to 16th Street (south side only)
  • Hawaii Avenue, N.E. - North Capitol Street to Clermont Drive
  • Howard Road, S.E. - I-295 to South Capitol Street
  • I (Eye) Street, N.W. - Pennsylvania Avenue to New York Avenue
  • Independence Avenue - 15th Street, S.W. to 22nd Street, S.E.
  • Irving Street - Michigan Avenue, N.E. to 16th Street, N.W. (south side only)
  • K Street N.W. - 7th Street to 29th Street (including service roadways)
  • Kenilworth Avenue N.E. - East Capitol Street to Eastern Avenue
  • Kenyon Street, N.W. / Kenyon Place N.W. - Irving Street to 14th St. (north side only)
  • Key Bridge, N.W.
  • L Street N.W. - New York Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Loughboro Road, N.W. -MacArthur Boulevard to Indian Lane and Chain Bridge Road
  • Louisiana Avenue, N.W. - North Capitol Street to Constitution Avenue
  • M Street - Maine Ave., S.W. to 12th Street S.E.
  • M Street, N.W. - Connecticut Ave. to Canal Road
  • Maine Avenue S.W. - 15th Street to M Street
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue S.E. - Good Hope Road to South Capitol Street
  • Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. - Western Avenue to North Capitol Street
  • Michigan Avenue - Eastern Avenue, N.E. to Columbia Road, N.W.
  • Military Road, N.W. - 16th Street to Western Avenue
  • Missouri Avenue, N.W. - North Capitol Street to 16th Street
  • Mt. Olivet Road, N.E. - Brentwood Parkway to Bladensburg Road
  • Mt. Vernon Place, N.W. - Massachusetts Avenue to New York Avenue
  • Naylor Road, S.E. - Good Hope Road to Southern Avenue
  • Nebraska Avenue, N.W. - Indian Lane and Chain Bridge Road to Military Road
  • New Hampshire Avenue, N.W - Missouri Avenue to D.C. Line
  • New York Avenue - 15th Street N.W. to D.C. Line
  • New York Avenue N.W. - 17th Street to 18th Street
  • North Capitol Street - Hawaii Avenue N.E. to Blair Road N.W.
  • North Capitol Street - Harewood Road to Louisiana Avenue (including the ramps
  • at Irving Street)
  • North Carolina Avenue N.E. - Constitution Avenue to C Street
  • Park Road, N.W. - 14th Street to 16th Street (north side only)
  • Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. - M Street to 3rd Street
  • Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. - 2nd Street to Southern Avenue
  • Piney Branch Road N.W. - 13th Street to Eastern Avenue
  • Reno Road, N.W. - 34th Street to 41st Street
  • Reservoir Road, N.W.- Foxhall Road to Wisconsin Avenue
  • Rhode Island Avenue - Connecticut Avenue N.W. to Eastern Avenue N.E.
  • Riggs Road N.E. - Missouri Avenue, N.W. to Eastern Avenue, N.E.
  • River Road, N.W. - Wisconsin Avenue to D.C. Line
  • South Capitol Street - Southwest Freeway to Southern Avenue
  • South Dakota Avenue N.E. - Riggs Road to New York Avenue
  • Southeast Freeway - Pennsylvania Avenue to South Capitol Street (including ramps)
  • Southern Avenue S.E. - South Capitol Street to Naylor Road
  • Southwest Freeway - I-395 to South Capitol Street to Southern Avenue (including ramps)
  • Suitland Parkway S.E. - South Capitol Street to Southern Avenue
  • Suitland Road S.E. - Alabama Ave. to Southern Ave.
  • T Street, N.E. - 9th Street to Brentwood Road
  • U Street, N.W. - 9th Street to Florida Avenue
  • Virginia Avenue N.W. - Constitution Avenue to Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway
  • W Street, S.E. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue to 13th Street
  • Western Avenue N.W. - Connecticut Avenue to Massachusetts Avenue
  • Whitehurst Freeway N.W. and ramps
  • Wisconsin Avenue N.W. - K Street to Western Avenue
  • 3rd Street - Constitution Avenue N.W. to Independence Avenue S.W.
  • 6th Street N.E. - Florida Avenue to Penn Street
  • 6th Street, N.W. - Constitution Avenue to New York Avenue
  • 7th Street - Southwest Freeway to Florida Avenue N.W.
  • 9th Street - Southwest Freeway to Florida Avenue N.W.
  • 9th Street N.E. - Brentwood Parkway to Brentwood Road
  • 11th Street Bridges (and ramps)
  • 11th Street S.E. - M Street to 11th Street Bridge
  • 12th Street - Southwest Freeway and ramps to Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
  • 13th Street S.E. - W Street to Good Hope Road
  • 14th Street - 14th Street Bridges (I-395) and ramps S.W. to Thomas Circle N.W.
  • 15th Street N.W. - E Street to New York Avenue
  • 15th Street N.W. - K Street to Massachusetts Avenue
  • 16th Street N.W. - H Street to Eastern Avenue
  • 17th Street N.W. - Constitution Avenue to Connecticut Avenue
  • 17th Street N.E. - Benning Road to Bladensburg Road
  • 18th Street N.W. - E Street (south) to Connecticut Avenue
  • 19th Street N.W. - E Street (south) to M Street
  • 20th Street N.W. - Virginia Avenue to Q Street
  • 22nd Street N.W. - Pennsylvania Avenue to Massachusetts Avenue
  • 23rd Street N.W. - Constitution Avenue to 22nd Street
  • 24th Street N.W. - Calvert Street to Connecticut Avenue
  • 27th Street N.W. - Virginia Avenue to K Street
  • 34th Street N.W. - Massachusetts Avenue to Reno Road
  • 41st Street N.W. - Reno Road to Western Avenue

By Michael Bolden  |  February 15, 2010; 7:34 AM ET
Categories:  Advisories , Commuting , Weather  | Tags: DDOT, snow, snowstorm  
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Thanks for this information, Dr. Gridlock. It probably saved me from another ticket. I received a $250 ticket last Tuesday for parking on Virginia Ave. There are no signs indicating I couldn't park there and, even if there had been signs, there was no way i could extricate the car due to the snow, plus driving conditions were still dangerous. And, even if I had overcome those challenges, there was nowhere else to park. Today I managed to find a space after considerable effort, but it is still in a two hour zone and I will have to try and move before tomorrow. I would think the District could be a little more understanding in these circumstances.

Posted by: wdb2898 | February 15, 2010 9:56 AM | Report abuse

Im sorry but I have to question the statement by DDOT Director Gabe Klein. I drive into the office today by the same route I took I out Friday (22nd street between Penn. Ave and Mass Ave, and noted no new snow removal. There are still too mnay places where 2 lanes are reduced to 1 and 3 to 2. Unless the DDOT crews make a big push this afternoon and tonight tomorrow is goinf to be a bigger cluster*&^% than Friday when a lot of workers stayed home. Pack a bag lunch for your morning commute!

Posted by: wjskinner1 | February 15, 2010 11:19 AM | Report abuse

Could not agree more with Skinner - major choke points in the West End not cleared - 22nd closes down to one lane as you approach Washington Circle. It will be a zoo!

Posted by: hudsondc | February 15, 2010 11:31 AM | Report abuse

They are doing snow removal...have been working Connecticut Ave since yesterday afternoon and still working. They are trucking the snow away. I suppose its a slow process and will continue for a while.

To the first poster...there are Snow Emergency Route signs posted on Virginia Ave that say you cannot park there during a declared snow emergency. If your car was parked there on Tuesday, it was parked illegally since the Friday before at 9:30 AM when the snow emergency was in effect. You should have moved it then if you didn't want a ticket. I like the District's snow emergency philosophy that they employed in 2010..declaring the emergency before snow starts falling so people can move cars and they can start towing before it gets snowy. In December, the snow emergency didn't go into effect until after the snow had started piling up, and that meant it was harder to tow and a lot of cars got damaged as a result.

During a snow emergency, snow removal and allowing the plows to keep the roads clear takes precedence over on-street parking. This is the way it is in just about any city with posted snow emergency routes. In some Boston neighborhoods, 3/4 of the routes are snow emergency routes, and residents get screwed bigtime because they can't find parking. That's why the tickets are so prevent people from saying "eh, too inconvenient, I'll just leave it there". I've had to park much deeper into the neighborhoods lately, but I'd rather do that than not have the snow removed. The District is understanding, to a point, but parking illegally on a snow emergency route is not within the realm of the District's understanding.

Posted by: thetan | February 15, 2010 12:58 PM | Report abuse

First poster here. Yeah, I guess I learned a valuable lesson. I honestly didn't know that I was parked on a snow emergency route. You say that there are signs, but there are no signs where I parked. These are the spaces sort of off the street, the diagonal parking spaces right before the ramp leading to I-66. No signs there. Parking there doesn't interfere with no clearing, either. Now I know. But signs would have helped.

Posted by: wdb2898 | February 17, 2010 9:56 AM | Report abuse

Doesn't interfere with snow clearing, I meant to say.

Posted by: wdb2898 | February 17, 2010 9:57 AM | Report abuse

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