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Posted at 3:12 PM ET, 12/12/2005

You Won't Shoot Your Eye Out. We Swear.

By Jen Chaney

Are you walking in a winter wonderless-land?

Feeling meaner than the Heat and Cold Misers combined?

Would you like to take all the Whos down in Whoville and stick them where the Seussian sun doesn't shine?

You might need a healthy dose of holiday cheer. That's where the AFI Silver Theatre and the Avalon come in, as both theaters are currently featuring some seasonal cinematic favorites that may put the yolk back in your egg nog (or something). Today through Thursday, the AFI is showing "The Muppet Christmas Carol"; regular screenings of "It's a Wonderful Life" start Friday and "A Christmas Story" ("You'll shoot your eye out, kid") begins Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Family Film Matinees at the Avalon have featured holiday-themed selections throughout this month. The last installment in the series is the classic "Miracle on 34th Street," to be shown this Saturday at 10 a.m.

True, all of these fine films are available on DVD or shown regularly on television. But there's something special about seeing them in a real theater on a big screen. A couple of years ago, I caught "It's a Wonderful Life" at the AFI. It was the first time I'd ever seen it outside my own living room, and there was definitely something different and magical about watching George Bailey race through the streets of Bedford Falls in an old movie house.

Maybe the experience will relieve your holiday-shopping stress for a couple of hours.

Maybe it will put the wonderland back into your winter.

And maybe it will prevent you from doing something to those sweet little Whos that you will sorely, sorely regret.

-- Jen

By Jen Chaney  | December 12, 2005; 3:12 PM ET
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Dear Sisters/Brothers,

Receive much greetings through Jesus Christ. Hope you're fine, even us
we are fine. First, I want to thank you for what you have done to us
through communicating and share a lot information concern our projects
plus your newsletters. Our communities at large have really benefit from
your organization and we appreciate for your services still continue to
offering to us has been a blessing. Through our pastor we know that God
is going to speak to people through him, to bring back His lost souls
that one day when Jesus comes back we will all rejoice when we receive
eternal life. We thank you for all, this period; you have catered for
him since we networking with us.

We have organizing an event on 23rd to 24th December 2005 to be the day
of donating food, clothes, treatments and other necessary things to
provide the orphans, street children and disable children and will be held
in Kitale Show Ground. The guest of honour will be Ministry of home
affairs Hon. Moody Awori. The Title is (Give Now and make a difference).

We are requesting our partners, friends, and ministries to send their
gifts, donations, prayers, and contribution to support them. And to
bless you abundantly when you assist these children.

Lastly, we pray that may the Almighty God bless you abundantly and put
His hands on what you've given us. May God of peace be with you all and
we hope that one day if God wishes we shall meet and rejoice together.
Read below information and try to link to your friends, well wishes,
and donors to support these children to save them in future life.

Please if you send any gift please send through courier, or money send
through western union or Money Gram and, your contribution will make a
difference. Courier please send on this address Johnstone Sikulu
Wanjala, program coordinator, Sima Community Based Organization C/O Kenya
Securicor-Kitale Branch, Opp.Kitale law courts Kenyatta Avenue.

We are looking forward for your support. God bless you.

Yours faithfully,

Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala

Programme coordinator

Sima Community Based Organization

PO BOX 1691, Kitale



+254 733 453 339
1. Immunize a Child Against Life-Threatening Diseases
Orphans and disadvantaged children in Kenyan are overlooked when it
comes to vaccinations, and are left defenseless against a number of
diseases. Your gift will protect a child from Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Measles,
Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus.

2a. Provide a Six-Month Medical Checkup for a Child
Many Kenyan children have never had a medical examination. Your gift
will provide a six-month physical, oral, and visual check-up to a child.
This check-up will help prevent small injuries and illnesses from
developing into life-threatening emergencies.

2b. Provide a Year of Medical Treatment for a Child
Many Kenyan children have never had a medical examination, and are in
need of ongoing medical treatment. Your gift will provide physical,
oral, and visual check-ups, and a year of medical treatment to a child.
This treatment will help prevent small injuries and illnesses from
developing into life-threatening emergencies.

3. Provide Counseling to Orphaned/Destitute Children
Many Kenyan children have suffered from the loss of loved ones,
starvation and illness. Some have also dealt with the pain and anguish of
sexual assault. Your gift will provide a child with a course of counseling,
and a psychological profile that will assist counselors as they work to
address the needs of these suffering children.

4. Provide Children with Clean Water
Children in Kenya orphanages often suffer from water born illnesses
derived from contaminated water. Euro-guard is a UV water filtration
system that will eliminate illnesses such as cholera, worms, and giardia.
Each water filtration unit will protect every child in an orphanage
(approximately 20-35) from water born diseases.

5a. Build a Library for a School
Schoolbooks are in critically short supply throughout Kenya. Your gift
will be used to establish a library in a school, and fill it with books
for children that will adequately address their school needs.

5b. Provide a Kenyan/English Book Series for a School
Schoolbooks are in critically short supply throughout Kenya. Your gift
will be used to purchase a series of schoolbooks for a Kitale school

6a. Provide a Community with a Garden
Fresh vegetables are expensive for disadvantaged and orphaned children.
Through the purchase of a large plot of land outside of Saboti, we
will be able to teach the local community the most effective means of
organic farming, and to grow vegetables for needy orphanages. Your gift
will be used to purchase t 10 acres of land, to provide a constant source
of fresh and healthy vegetables to children throughout our orphanages.

6b. Provide an Orphanage with a Garden
Fresh vegetables are expensive for disadvantaged and orphaned Kenyan
children. Your gift will be used to establish a garden for an orphanage.
This garden will provide the children with fresh vegetables, and will
also teach them about sustainable agriculture.

7. Pay a Month's Rent for a Needy Orphanage
Some orphanages in Trans-Nzoia district send their children to beg
after school, in order to gather enough funds to pay the rent each month.
Your gift will pay a month's rent for an orphanage.

8. Give Children Fresh Vegetables for a Month
Funds are often so scarce at certain orphanages that luxuries, such as
fresh vegetables, are non-existent. Growing children are often forced
to eat decaying vegetables. Your gift will provide fresh vegetables for
30 children in an orphanage for one month. This contribution will
ensure that children receive the nutrients they need in order to grow into
strong, healthy individuals

9a. Clothe a Child for School
Orphanages often cannot clothe their children. Any parent knows how
important it is to children that they have appropriate clothing for
school. By providing a child with a school uniform you are allowing this
child to go to school with a measure of dignity.

9b. Provide Backpacks for Fifty Children
Orphanages often cannot provide backpacks for their children. Your
contribution will purchase backpacks for fifty children.

9c. Provide Backpacks for Ten Children
Orphanages often cannot provide backpacks for their children. Your
contribution will purchase backpacks for ten children.

10. Teach/Tutor a Child for a Month
Certain orphanages have trouble sending their children to school, or
providing them with the tutors they need to succeed. By subsidizing the
cost of tuition/tutoring for one month, your gift will help a youngster
gain an education and an opportunity for better life. The orphanages
we visited desperately need our assistance. The children in these
institutions are sleeping 4-5 to a bed and are infected with sores from the
filthy living conditions. These orphanages do not have electricity, or
access to clean, running water. In one orphanage I watched children
drinking from pails of green water. No child should grow up in these
horrendous conditions - these young ones deserve more than a childhood
plagued by illness and filth.

We have created the Sima Gift Certificate Program so that you may
directly assist these children. For each contribution you make, funds will
go toward the stated program. After you make your contribution you will
receive a printable E-gift certificate, and you can send or email the
certificate to the individual you wish to honor. These E-gift
certificates make wonderful gifts for the holiday season, and are meaningful
gifts for other special occasions throughout the year.

Posted by: Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala | December 18, 2005 3:32 AM | Report abuse

As a resident of Kitale, a member of the Area Children's Advisory Committee (Kitale) and founder of the Kitale Consortium for Stret Children I am astonished to find Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala's comments above. Who are you? I challenge you Mr. Sikulu to present yourself to the District Children's Office, Kitale, so we may know who you are and register your organisation if you really exist.

Readers should beware of any organisation claiming to work with street children in Kitale unless they have a registration number and a 054 (land line)phone number in their contact section.

God bless.

Eric Mukhinde

Posted by: Eric Mukhinde | June 16, 2006 1:00 AM | Report abuse

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