Murtha, Politics and Money

Those of you interested in earmarks may enjoy reading about a company called Concurrent Technologies Corporation. It operates out of the district of Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha, and has benefitted from many millions of dollars in direct congressional appropriations. I wrote the story today.

If nothing else, check out the graphics. The numbers and map alone tell a nice story.

Wall Street Journal reporter John Wilke had an excellent, related piece on Tuesday. Great headline: "Murtha Inc."

By Robert O'Harrow |  November 2, 2007; 10:51 AM ET defense
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Nice research and graphics. I especially like how you changed Murtha from a Dem to a Rep.

Posted by: 12th Dist | November 5, 2007 10:17 AM

I find business conducted in this manner to be completely repugnant and with honor or integrity. I' is time for this thief to get into another line of work.
Mr. Murtha and his henchmen are deplorable crooks worthy of prosecution.
When will WE wake up and rid ourselves of these scalawags?
Sergeant Major

Posted by: Sergeant Major | November 6, 2007 1:21 PM

Murtha is bought & paid for by

Murtha has a past of being willing to take bribes (APSCAM).

Murtha called our young Marines murderers without due process.

Murtha is a disgrace to America.


RVN 70-71

Posted by: BillyDaBrain | November 6, 2007 6:27 PM

I am sad to see that most of the comments on your article related to politics. As the ED of a small nonprofit, I am more incensed that the IRS would grant 501(c)(3) status to such an obviously unworthy applicant. What is their mission statement? We exist to get earmarks for research!! I hope that you will continue to press the IRS for an answer and that you will look for more nonprofits that have taken this earmark route.

Under pressure from Sen. Grassley, the entire legitimate nonprofit sector has just spent 2 years and tremendous amounts of time examining itself and improving itself. Now we're all bright and shiny and ethical -- and this is how the IRS treats us -- awarding that coveted (c)(3) to what is clearly a profit making business. It's enough to make a provider of emergency services to homeless families weep.

Posted by: Leslie Frost | November 7, 2007 7:15 PM

Murtha is the Dem's Randy Cunningham; another War Hero contaminated by Washington Politics..

Posted by: Chuck, Irvine CA | November 13, 2007 2:36 PM

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