Spooky Dollars

A bit lost in the shuffle this week was this ignominous outcome of a CIA-related contract scandal.

"The CIA's former top administrator pleaded guilty yesterday to steering agency contracts to a defense contractor and concealing their relationship, making Kyle "Dusty" Foggo the highest-ranking member of a federal intelligence or law enforcement agency to be convicted of a crime," said the story by Post reporter Jerry Markon.

Geez, and we thought guys like this were looking out for us.

Foggo, known as the "mayor" of the CIA, faced a slew of allegations that he used his juice here and abroad to help a close friend named Brent Wilkes.

The case involved a $30,000 Hawaiian vacation, expensive meals (no details on the menu yet) and inflated prices for water sold to CIA outposts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Looming over it all, according to Markon's story, was the possibility that defense attorneys might expose CIA secrets as part of Foggo's defense.

It wasn't the worst case of its kind. "Foggo was first indicted in February 2007 in federal court in San Diego, but the case was transferred to Alexandria in February," Markon wrote. "Wilkes was initially indicted along with Foggo but was later dropped from the case. He was convicted last year in a separate corruption case in San Diego of showering then-Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) with more than $700,000 in bribes, including money for a mortgage, a yacht and prostitutes."

By Robert O'Harrow |  October 2, 2008; 2:56 PM ET
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What a white wash. 27 charges DROPPED down to a single charge of wire fraud? They wanted this case to go away as quietly as possible. In recent weeks, Foggo threatened to expose every agent with whom he worked, a treasonous threat if ever there was one. Apparently, he knew where too many bodies were buried, so to speak. Not at all surprising with his long history extending back to Iran-Contra. Oh, but wait, we don't have that sort of attention span here in Bush's America.

Posted by: dqueue | October 2, 2008 3:53 PM

The government always settles these cases involving intelligence agency employees out of fear that secrets might be exposed...They drop the charges down to the shortest possible sentence to make sure the person takes the deal..If employees only knew how far to gamble on their sentence they could probably get off scot free...

Posted by: nicko | October 3, 2008 2:32 PM

So. This one got caught and busted. This ONE. Multiply the scheist times all the unelected Board members of the Federal Reserve Consortium. Unelected people without the detection avoidance skills of a CIA OP and it adds up to roughly $700 Billion give or take a few hundred billion. We are in a war and no one is watching the till that pays for it.
That too is treason, and the Enemys self proclaimed trap. We can still win with Constitutional Hard Money but not if our hoard of Judas Iscariots keep robbing us to death.They would see America crucified to line their friends pockets and thier own.

Posted by: Steven Streets | October 9, 2008 2:00 PM

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