Intelligence Spending: CACI Gets More

As many of you know, intelligence spending on contractors has soared to new heights in recent years. Up to 70 percent of the I-world budgets go to private vendors for everything from light bulbs to eye-in-sky satellites.

Government Inc. guesses (and hopes) that those soaring outsourcing budgets will get more attention as part of the new administration's pledge to ensure oversight an accountability.

On this front, the Obama Administration will have another tough task. After all, this a world that by definition doesn't cotton to oversight and transparency.

This all comes to mind, again, because of a fascinating press release issued by one of Washington's notable contractors. Here's the headline:

CACI Awarded $114 Million in Previously Unannounced Contracts to Support National Security and Intelligence

"On these contracts, CACI is providing a range of services and solutions, including financial analysis, counter-terrorism information technology support, counter-intelligence expertise, program management support, and knowledge management. CACI offerings provide critical resources in the government's ability to identify and defeat terrorist threats.

"According to Bill Fairl, CACI's President of U.S. Operations, 'CACI is pleased both to expand the current work we have with our national security and intelligence clients, and to win new business that increases our presence in these important communities. Our proven solutions, cleared and experienced personnel, dedicated client service, and best value offerings make CACI a premier provider and 'go-to' contractor for intelligence support.'"

In it's investor-promotional material, CACI spells out why it is one of the government's biggest national security contractors. (These kinds of activities raises deep questions about where the lines should be between government and contractors, intelligence community and private sector, at least according to procurement specialists and some intelligence officials.)

"CACI International Inc provides the professional services and IT solutions needed to prevail in today's defense, intelligence, homeland security, and federal civilian government arenas. We deliver enterprise IT and network services; data, information, and knowledge management services; business system solutions; logistics and material readiness; C4ISR integration services; cyber security, information assurance, and information operations; integrated security and intelligence solutions; and program management and SETA support services. CACI services and solutions help our federal clients provide for national security, improve communications and collaboration, secure the integrity of information systems and networks, enhance data collection and analysis, and increase efficiency and mission effectiveness."

Government Inc. called Jody Brown, CACI Executive Vice President for corporate communications, for a little perspective about the company's business. Here's what she wrote in an e-mail at our request:

"Approximately 96% of CACI's business is with the Federal Government.

"INTEL is approximately 40% of our total Federal Government business."


By Robert O'Harrow |  January 28, 2009; 6:15 AM ET defense , intelligence
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