Report Finds Wartime Contracting Problems Widespread, Costly

Let's file this one in the "You don't say?" folder.

"The Defense Department has failed to provide adequate oversight over tens of billions of dollars in contracts to support military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, says a new report by an independent commission investigating waste and fraud in wartime spending."

You name the problem and it's apparently documented by the report. Poor management. Weak oversight. And much waste. This according to a story by the Associated Press, which obtained an early copy of the report.

"One example of wasted money cited by the commission involves construction of a $30 million dining facility at a U.S. base in Iraq scheduled to be completed Dec. 25. The decision to build it was based on bad planning and botched paperwork. Yet the project is too far along to stop, making the mess hall a future monument to the waste and inefficiency plaguing the war effort."

Oh my. It doesn't stop. We'll deliver more when the report is formally released on Wednesday.

By Robert O'Harrow |  June 8, 2009; 2:56 PM ET iraq , oversight
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To commenter "chuckaluke66": before your blood pressure spikes again, without seeing the final report: who is more responsible for the waste here?? the feds who sorely botched planning and allocated money to a 100 percent unneeded project and issued a solicitation for bid(s?), or, the contractor who was just responding to what the government said it wanted? Responsible contractors don't do things like that totally repeat the same work without saying anything to the customer; it is rare. But maybe answering this question is a close call for you. you decide. Please tell us what you think. Finally, having random-sampled this blog since its inception, my strong impression is that it raises alleged contractor issues or casts aspersions in that direction far more often than it criticizes feds. Yes, I can't recall any original work or answers to the questions it raises, blankly. But don't kill the messenger, whatever you think.

Posted by: axolotl | June 8, 2009 8:54 PM

with Big Contractors creating problems in Iraq, do you think the same thing will be stimulated by the BIG Contractors in the stimulus package.
This comes from the Federal Government not able to handle their own paper work and using contractors to do it.
The construction packages for the initial construction of the Montana Border Crossings was being handled by the Local Contractors till the stimulus package became to big for the Federal Government to handle and then it was Big Contractors. Senator Tester held a public hearing to try and quiet the natives.

Posted by: GFALLS | June 15, 2009 3:39 PM

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