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Sloan Baker

Much has been made of the training the Washington Nationals stadium workers received from Disney and Gaylord this summer. It seems to have done the trick. On Saturday, when the National took the field in an exhibition game with the Baltimore Orioles, stadium workers were at their best. It's a far cry from the lax attitudes prevalent at RFK. The difference is analogous to that between a BMW and a Yugo. Now if they could just get better uniforms, all will be fine with the world.

By Sloan Baker  |  March 30, 2008; 12:35 PM ET  | Category:  Sloan Baker
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Hey, I'm the first person to comment! That's insane.

This is a great blog. You can be sure I'll be checking it often.

Posted by: Art Vandelay | March 30, 2008 4:43 PM

Hey the Wine and cheese crowd that raises ticket prices at FedEx will love to hear that.. another transient home crowd

Posted by: Anonymous | March 30, 2008 7:50 PM

After two visits [a quick run to the stadium for the exhibition game, and Opening Night], I couldn't agree more -- the staff seemed uniformly cheerful and helpful. And it *seemed* genuine and unforced. The better test will probably be a hot July night when the crowd is a less excited and friendly, and when the novelty and excitement have worn off.

Posted by: Scoreboard Scotty | March 31, 2008 8:17 AM

I was at the game Sat. as well. The workers were all very cheerful and helpful. They may not have known how to work the credit card machine right away, but I can deal with that if they have a smile for me.
Also, my boyfriend loved the Hawaiian shirts that the strolling vendors were wearing. They had a W on them. He wants one, but they don't have them in the team store. I do have to admit the vendors looked a lot more comfortable this year than in the gold polyester shirts from last year.

Posted by: JMo405 | March 31, 2008 10:32 AM

I had a minor encounter with one of the ushers that in my opinion didn't pass the common sense test. I arrived Sunday afternoon around 4 PM with the intention of taking Boz's advice and immediately proceed to section 401 for the great view. There were about 5 people in the whole section, but she claimed that because people were in their seats (this is 4 hours before game time), she couldn't let me climb the steps for the view. I could understand if we were interfering with the enjoyment of customers who paid for those seats, but this was taking the rules to the exteme.

Posted by: Richard | April 1, 2008 11:58 AM

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